Work of the Week: 'He's The One' is a celebration of dads by BBH for Prostate Cancer UK

Work of the Week: 'He's The One' is a celebration of dads by BBH for Prostate Cancer UK

Reduced to tears once again.

So if advertising's great purpose is to get its audience to feel something then this, from BBH for Prostate Cancer UK, worked a treat.

It isn't a unique approach of course, but honestly, it doesn't always need to be—there's a reason why retro film footage, sepia toned photo's and piano music are a winning combination, and that's because it gets people in the gut.

And when it comes to the 47,500 men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year (that's 129 men every day) and how one of these men dies every 45 minutes (that's more than 11,500 men every year), it's got to be about emotion, and relatable. 

What if it were my dad?

An ode to dads this Father's Day.

So, once I had recovered myself after watching this I was able to really appreciate the humour and detail.

Like really great observational comedy, it's got all the quirks of masculinity—'dadisms'—we all know and love.

Two whole minutes of real dads and their inept DIY attempts, turning down the thermostat and telling bad jokes. Trimming nose hair, falling asleep in front of the telly and being a shoulder to cry on.

The beautifully curated images and footage are accompanied by Robbie Williams' classic song, She's The One, but re-written as He's The One, with lyrics that relate to dads and their amusing habits, oddities and characterful traits.

Put it all together and you have something that runs deep with all of us and certainly brings the message home.

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