Work of the Week: Is Apple The Greatest?

Work of the Week: Is Apple The Greatest?

Well, it certainly sounds like it from the level of praise received for its latest work.

And the praise is rightly deserved (although I reserve the right to hold back from complete creative worship).

Apple has produced a two-and-a-half-minute film celebrating the glorious goodness of technology, and all it does in the world for a beautifully diverse society and its needs. Its purpose is to raise awareness of its accessibility features to mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December and was created by its in-house team with direction by Kim Gehrig.

The title, the music, the words, the visuals, the messages, the people - it's arguably one of 'The Greatest' representations of Apple products and benefits yet. Yep, big statement. 

Apple believes accessibility is a human right, and so we see people - extraordinary people - living their daily, challenging lives intertwined with the way Apple helps them. A woman with no arms uses Siri so she doesn't have to use her hands, she later uses the phone's accessibility touch with her feet, a blind man uses his Apple phone to find his way, and a deaf woman whose Apple watch tells her if her baby boy is crying.

It shows the positive and meaningful side of living in a tech-fuelled world, providing invaluable assistance and enhancing life for all of us, but most importantly those with daily challenges to overcome. Another example of powerful brand consistency, with relevance and presented with a contagious vitality.

Apple outmanoeuvres once again, with a Christmas ad not mentioning Christmas.

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