What comes first? Drone taxis or the first woman president?

What comes first? Drone taxis or the first woman president?

The women.

Timed to coincide with International Women's Day, this work features an uncomfortable mix of humour alongside the absurdity of the truth, to create a message that really hits home.

Chief, a private network for the most powerful women in leadership (an impressive Rolodex like no other you've ever seen) along with New York agency Technology Humans And Taste has created its first TV ad. 

It compares the rapid technological progress of our age, to the snail's pace of gender equality.

It stars a female alien landing on Earth and asking a young girl to take the alien to her leader. 

When the girl questions the alien's use of the word 'her', the alien disappears, apparently disillusioned that the leader is not a woman and therefore has no further interest in a meeting.

The questions.

Chief has also created a series of posters posing more relevant questions asking what will come first—drone taxis or a woman president and (as this is in the US) is your daughter more likely to have spring break on Mars or have an equal chance to become a CEO?

Good questions, right?

As for the answers, I guess we will have to see.

The absurd.

According to Chief, the World Economic Forum says it will take 135 years to reach global gender parity.

Chief asks, which is more absurd: these stats? Or aliens coming to visit the earth and learning about our lack of women in leadership?

Have to say, I agree with Chief. No big surprise there.

The posters, displayed in lower Manhattan, highlight the difference between technological advances and inequality. The difference being vast, and changes in equality lagging so far behind, it's actually quite embarrassing. 

The ad aimed to raise these questions and point out the absurdity of them and in my mind, they achieved this. The copy on the posters made me feel surprisingly uplifted—lucky, through an accident of birth, to be part of this resilient movement. 

From aliens to glass ceilings.

Chief is also responsible for the glass portrait of Kamala Harris installation following her inauguration.

The accompanying film, again, is really powerful. I'm kicking myself I didn't see this back at the beginning of February as it definitely would have made it in as a Work Of The Week.

The presentation of the black and white facts and hopeful music leading up to the face of Kamala Harris, constructed from the broken glass ceiling pieces, is quite something to behold.

As Chief states:

"We need to change the face of leadership. History demands it and the future depends on it."


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Kamala Harris Glass Installation:

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National Women's History Museum
 BBH-New York
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