A bee's eye view of the all new Skoda Kodiaq

A bee's eye view of the all new Skoda Kodiaq

Director Joshua Stocker (now Joshua Vii, a new family surname in honour of his newborn daughter) presents an exploration of the new Skoda from a unique vantage point thanks to some nifty camera work.

Shot in Prague, post production was completed in just 2.5 weeks.

Director, Joshua Vii, comments: "Rarely does a camera have a reason to move in the manner we do in this film. Usually it's a purely stylistic choice, but here we had an opportunity to embody the point-of-view of a small bumble bee, adding a clever visual twist to each camera move and the final reveal as the bee discovers and explores Škoda's latest SUV.

"It was a very technical piece to pull off, combining seamless CGI together with precisely designed motion control shots, some of which were designed and taken directly from the previous camera movements, while other shots needed to be handcrafted on set, due to the need to adapt the path of the camera to the geometry of the set and car.

"We had just 2.5 weeks of post production time to edit, grade, animate, light and render CGI, composite, and compose the sound design and music. In order to pull this off, each shot was intricately pre-visualised, beginning by flying an iphone around my car to get a sense of where we wanted to be on our journey, and then crafting the curves and pace of the camera in c4d which were then handed over to our post production company Acht to be perfected and embedded into its workflow. FCB London did a brilliant job overseeing the creative of the project and brought a solid creative vision to the piece, backing us through a complex process to create a bold visual film."


Client: Skoda
Joshua Vii
Matias Penachino
FCB London
Ben Usher
Rob Farren
Agency Producer:
Honza Vancura
Tom Taylor, Mason Cooksley
Film Deluxe
Executive producer:
Juergen Krause
Executive producer:
Gernot Jurisch-Navarro
Karina Kirschner
Line producer:
Nikita Mikitin
Production Assistants:
Maxine Schmidt, Niclas Gebhardt
Post producer:
Anastasia Formenskaya
Service production:
Boogie FIlms Prague
Radu Stefan Fulga & Pascal Rossow
Production designer:
Vojtěch Kálecký
Colourist (DC):
Alex Gregory - No8
Post Production:
Acht Studio
Executive producer:
Nadine Chodan
Bertram Schlooss
VFX Supervisor:
Karsten Falk & Valentin Vertmont
VFX supervisor:
Axel Klostermann
Creature CGI:
Frederik Rieckher
Johannes Weiß
3D Artists:
Frederik Rieckher, Valentin Vertmont, Christian Gräfe, Martin Lundmark, Lukas Stemmler
Axel Klostermann, Sebastian Locker, Barbara Richter, Sascha Wolf
Sound & Music:
Music supervision:
Sound design:

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