Adore Me shows off women, real women, as well as its underwear for Valentine's Day

Adore Me shows off women, real women, as well as its underwear for Valentine's Day

The Background

Over the years, we’ve been swamped with lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day commercials and stunts that float from the cheesy to the highly-polished, high-end, type of content, with sprinkles of naughtiness throughout the spectrum. 

Especially if they’re lingerie brands. 

I’m so thrilled that a challenger brand like Adore Me decided to do something that may seem obvious in 2020, but it’s maybe 10, 20 years too late. 

Real thoughts. Real insights. Nothing concocted in some nifty, cool, board room.

The Big Idea

This is one of those cases in which the craft and the execution elevated the original proposition. 

#HereForIt or #MyVdayTruth aren’t necessarily groundbreaking thoughts, but they’re powerful enough to get the ball rolling. But the casting, the acting (oh, the acting!), the production values, the actual picked answers, that’s a labour of love right there. 

Surely there’s a woman in the world that watches this ad and doesn’t think “What would I say or want?” from the most conventional and conservative to the most radical and rowdy, this piece is for everyone. 

Hey, men included!

What They Did

Agency Tank New York went to Reddit to candidly ask women what they wanted for Valentine’s Day. 

A thread such as this provided the ammo to what would become a hymn to womanhood around the world. 

The twist was that, instead of trying to use those answers in a clever advertisingy way, the brave folks at Tank brought those replies to life word-for-word with great flair. 

Many brands and companies tried to dig deep into the weird and wonderful world of Reddit, most of the times, unsuccessfully. 

But this is a triumph. Truly.

The Review

There’s a reason why my approach to creative is called “Emotion is the Potion”. 

Nowadays, (most) brands and companies are bland beyond belief, armoured with a fake blanket of security provided by poor insights, mislead data and pointless green lit tests. 

We need to stir people’s emotions, muster an action/reaction. 

This ad is a fresh of breath air in a category filled with stereotypes, sometimes tasteless and boring, over-sexualised (or is it not-properly sexualised?) clichés. 

Well done Adore Me!

In Hindsight

The credit list on this campaign speaks for itself. This is what happens when most of your team, especially in creative, is female. 

You get good, honest, powerful, no holds barred, type of work. 

And whilst there’s room for the lovey-dovey stuff, obviously, this is a much needed piece.  

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