What if Tesla made ads? Well, funny you should ask…

What if Tesla made ads? Well, funny you should ask…

A very believable Tesla concept ad has dropped on the interweb, giving us a glimpse into an alternate reality where Elon Musk wasn’t the sole marketing for the brand.

So, what's it all about?

The 'concept advert' has had a bit of a Renaissance of late, and we’ve even covered a few excellent examples on this very site, including this look at a series of gloomy 50s-style posters, and this fake advert for Gov.uk.

Now, we’re at it again, this time inspired by this cheeky twee… sorry… ‘X’, by a budding creative calling on Elon to consider their eminently passable offering:

Firstly, in a world that’s constantly vying for acknowledgment from Elon on X, this advert stands out as a particularly laudable effort. The way in which the Tesla brand is (faux) represented is plausible and slickly produced, drawing attention to the car’s self-drive function, and showing its curves off in flattering style.

The acting, direction and concept all pass muster. To our learned eyes at least.

But what’s with the recent spate of ‘fake creative’?

Followers of all things creative on social media might have noticed a few scheming little upstarts shamelessly trying to edge their way into our industry… And, frankly, we’re all for it (providing the post comes caveated with the prerequisite disclaimers).

The thing is, university – as the fake Gov.uk advert referenced above attests – is not only increasingly expensive but there’s also growing disappointment from graduates who suffer from excessive competition for creative roles.

How then, to stand out? Well, if you can make an advert like the above on a shoestring budget then frankly, I’d hire you.

The SEO that referencing a brand provides, and the chance of acknowledgement from a senior person in the organisation, make the practice of fake ad creation ripe for welcome acknowledgements and opportunities.

You also might get a mention in Creative Moment, by the way. It doesn’t get any realer than that.

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