UNISON thanks community workers with their own action hero

UNISON thanks community workers with their own action hero

Care workers, crossing wardens, librarians and refuse workers – they’re among the unsung heroes being celebrated in a new campaign for their vital role in Britain’s communities.

UNISON, the UK’s largest trade union (with 1.3 Million members), has unveiled four real-life neighbourhood stars as action figurines, recognising them for their tireless work delivering key local services that many take for granted or fail to notice.

Creative PR agency Taylor Herring devised and created the campaign which will be activated across national, local and social media.

The exclusive superhero figures were created with advanced 3D printing technology in the exact likeness of four specially selected council workers from English and Welsh local authorities.

The collectibles come complete with fully moveable limbs, dressed in their work outfits and feature accessories that mimic the real-life tools of their trade.

Each limited-edition action figure is housed in an individually designed box featuring comic artwork bringing the character to life, based on the duties of each of the workers.

UNISON thanks community workers with their own action hero

Taylor Herring teamed up with renowned Marvel artist Will Sliney to create the packaging and an accompanying cartoon strip detail how each of the workers – like so many council staff – are everyday heroes in their local authority areas.

Crossing warden Sandy Cox said: “It’s amazing to see myself in action hero form. The figures are so lifelike. Workers like me love what we do, and I’m so proud to make an important contribution to the community. “

UNISON hopes the creation of the action figures will encourage the public to think more about the vital role council workers play in their local communities and appreciate them more.

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