Burger King embraces old age

Burger King embraces old age

As Burger King Brazil commemorates 70 years of serving its iconic Whoppers, the fast-food giant ignites a fiery celebration with a captivating new campaign spotlighting lovebirds.

Teaming up with Buenos Aires-based creative agencies Room 23 and Trans Company, Burger King's latest marketing endeavour aims to illustrate that even after seven decades, the flame of passion still burns bright.

Fashion photographer Guy Aroch captures the essence of the campaign through daring print and video ads, showcasing senior couples openly expressing their affection within BK establishments and sharing passionate kisses in parking lots and at the drive-thru.

These bold adverts serve as a testament to the enduring power of love, mirrored by Burger King's role in stoking this flame throughout the years.

Co-creative director Maxi Anselmo says the choice to feature seniors underscores Burger King's commitment to breaking stereotypes and celebrating vitality across all ages. By showcasing intimate moments involving seniors, the campaign challenges preconceptions and fosters a more inclusive narrative of desire transcending age boundaries.

The Age of Ads

Although 46% of the U.S. adult population is over 50, only 15% of images containing adults include people in that age segment, an AARC study finds. But, even from a financial perspective, ignoring this group seems misjudged.

Three-quarters of consumers ages 55+ are “Active Agers,” representing older adults who are mentally, socially, and digitally active. That’s around 75 million consumers who control 70% of the wealth in the U.S. and account for over 40% of all consumer expenditures.

Our take

In general, people struggle to care about a brand’s birthday. That said, Burger King have pulled off a memorable – and tick box rich – bit of celebratory advertising here that succeeds in making viewers dwell on its timeless appeal.

The advert uses subtle humour, the inversion of expectations, a thoughtful social cause, nostalgia and a novel depiction of its brand iconography to instil a positive and sticky brand association.

The use of older folk might cynically be judged as a way to bring a bit of representation into the mix, but the choice works thematically: seeing chipper people of a certain age bracket is a reminder that, like people, some brands endure for a good reason. And one of those reasons is great adverts, like these ones.


Country: Brazil
Brand: Burger King
VP Head of Burger King Marketing: Sabrina Ferretti
Global Director Communication & Strategy: Javier Pejito
Senior Marketing Manager Global Brand: Ariadna Solé
Agency: Room 23
Producer: Florencia Spinetta
Creative Directors: Sebastian Wilhelm & Maximiliano Anselmo
Strategy Director: Richar Dalmada
Account Director: Yasmin Cao Gatti
Production Company: Artworld Agency
Photographer & Director: Guy Aroch

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