Corsair airline advertises on its competitors’ luggage carousels

Corsair airline advertises on its competitors’ luggage carousels

The creative idea was to avoid all conventional media while attracting the maximum attention

When getting off the plane, passengers flock to baggage claim, where they're focused on getting their suitcases, checking each bag that comes through to see if it's theirs – so, why not take advantage of this by using competitors’ luggage carousels to get a few messages across?

The activation gives travellers on competing airlines a chance to discover the advantages that make all the difference with Corsair: a fleet of new A330Neo aircraft that consume less fuel and reduce CO2 emissions, gourmet meals prepared by renowned chefs, roomier-than-average business class cabins… And to encourage them to consider this outsider airline for their next trip.

This a new way to show that Corsair is a better alternative for the destinations it serves, with no media budget and low production costs, only suitcases and the covers bearing the messages.

The idea is further driven with a film, which launched June 20 in a social media campaign on YouTube and Corsair’s accounts (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube), inviting viewers to visit the booking site and take advantage of the airline’s flights and benefits starting this summer.


Executive Creative Director:
Philippe Boucheron
Mickaël Jean, Alexandre Annequin
Account Team:
Thierry Taglioni, Ulysse Boudot
Pauline Eluecque, Camille Feraud, Charly Cuvillier

Marketing & Communication Director: Martine Haas Operational Marketing Manager: Murielle Petiphar
Web Marketing Manager:
Laura Paris
Operational Marketing Coordinator:
Gloria Pires

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