Creative Corner: Marmite baby scans, Tony's Chocolonely's golden tickets and Ryan Reynolds' special birthday card

Creative Corner: Marmite baby scans, Tony's Chocolonely's golden tickets and Ryan Reynolds' special birthday card

We’ve come round from our chocolate coma to see everyone’s been up to the last few weeks.

It’s a slower time of year for most in PR (the amount of OOO replies to pitches in the last fortnight has had the team and I at Radioactive on the verge of weeping), so not a huge amount of things launching, but I did spot a handful of goodies to share with you.

Love it or hate it: Womb Edition

Love this latest work from adam&eveDDB for Marmite! 

The brand’s whole identity, that people either love it or hate it, has been around for decades now. It’s practically an intrinsic fact of life now, and with that comes both challenges - to keep things feeling fresh, and opportunities to have a little fun.

Inspired by science and research that indicates babies react to different tastes thanks to what their mum is eating via amniotic fluid, the campaign is built around a new ultrasound scan that can tell if your baby is a Marmite Lover or a Hater.

The ad really captures the moment of being in an ultrasound room, usually waiting for the technician to reveal the sex of your baby while they also check for any issues, and has some fun with parents horrified that their baby might be a Hater. Hilarious ultrasound images accompany the ad on social media and OOH.

The icing on top of the gender reveal cake? The brand has partnered with private scan company Window to the Womb, where expectant parents can actually have the Marmite scan.

I might be a Marmite Hater at heart, but I’m a Lover of this!

Tony’s Chocolonely x Oxfam x Glastonbury = Willy Wonka

Okay, we’re not off the chocolate train quite yet! The scrumdiddlyumptious Dutch chocolate brand has partnered with Glastonbury giving away five pairs of tickets to the festival in limited edition bars.

That’s right folks - it’s golden ticket time!

Buy a bar in-store or online from now until the 16th of June and you could get your hands on the tickets. All profits will go to support Oxfam, one of the three main headliners at the Festival, and a perfect fit for both brands.

It’s the age of the collab right now, with seemingly endless brands getting in on the act. But this one makes perfect sense, is a lot of fun, and has a prize people actually want to win. Ticks all the boxes for me!

Mac El Henny

Last nod goes to everyone’s favourite Canadian this week. 

Ryan Reynolds proved to us why he’s the king of content and we’re all just living in his world with a fun, and educational video, teaching everyone how to pronounce fellow actor and Wrexham co-owner Rob Mcelhenney’s surname for his birthday this week.

It’s not PR *as such* but let’s be honest, Brand Reynolds is a 24/7 operation and one he lives so damn well.

And speaking of Wrexham…


Radioactive has been chosen to PR UFC legend Conor McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout in the UK, partnering with Splanc PR (‘spark’ for non-Irish speakers) which handles Ireland.

We kicked off strong this week, with a surprise for Wrexham AFC fans at the iconic The Turf Hotel, which saw them become the first punters outside of McGregor’s Dublin establishment to sample the new Nitro Irish Stout, Forged. A custom-designed Land Rover Defender was also there, complete with tap to serve over 1,000 pints to the locals ahead of the match against Yeovil Town.

All £2,200 from the sale of the stout were donated to the local Your Space autism charity, alongside £10,000 from McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout brand. The £12,200 was presented to Wrexham star Paul Mullin who is a patron of the charity.

And that was just week one!

More details here but it’s fair to say we’re a wee bit excited.

That’s all for this week, folks.

Thanks, as always, for your time. If you spot anything worth shouting about, or have a campaign you’re working on that you’re excited about please let us know. 

You can reach me at or on Twitter it’s @Welsh_PR, or Rich Leigh on and @RichLeighPR.

Until next time…

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