Creative Corner: PlayStation's axe, Subway's tiniest sub and National Geographic's Titanic investigation

Creative Corner: PlayStation's axe, Subway's tiniest sub and National Geographic's Titanic investigation

Hello, hello you lovely lot. Good week?

January FINALLY over, however, if you’re like me you’ll have already decided not to emerge fully until the first day of spring. We’ll call February ‘2023 practice month two’ instead.

Lucky for us, some people have hit the ground running in 2023 so let’s see what the first week of Feb had to offer us…

Axe, axe baby

Axe, axe baby

London Southbank - is anything that hasn’t been in you?! This week a humongous replica of the Leviathan Axe used by Greek God Kratos in the popular God of War franchise took pride of place in the capital, much to game fans’ delight.

The stunt, which also saw other installations in places like South Korea, was Sony’s way of announcing that the Playstation 5 shortage it has been experiencing since the console launch is over.

It looked great in the images shared, and sparked decent coverage and a lot of happy chatter on social media. What’s more, it’s a good way of enticing back customers that couldn’t get their hands on the PS5 at Christmas, reminding them perhaps that it makes just as good a birthday gift instead.

All the small things

Subway UK and Ireland served up the teeniest, tiniest sub ever made to celebrate the launch of its new Teriyaki Steak this week.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of Kawaii, the culture of cuteness, the world’s smallest sub measures just under an inch and took two days to make, along with a tiny drink, straw, napkin, and paper bag.

The images are great and the stunt has picked up some great national coverage. The Taylor Herring team proving bigger isn’t always better with this one!

My heart will go on…

My heart will go on…

It’s one of the most hotly contested movie scenes of all time - could Jack have lived if Rose had just scootched up a bit?!

Well James Cameron has had enough of the internet debate and settles it once and for all as part of a National Geographic special, scientifically analysing if they could both have fitted on that damn door.

The results, which I won’t spoil here, are shown in the documentary on National Geographic celebrating 25 years since the film was released. It’s a savvy effort all round, including the raging debate in the film in the first place but also using it as the cornerstone of marketing efforts ahead of its airing. Love it!

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Catch you next week.

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