Creative Corner: The Deforestation Arms, Adele, #StampOutTheGap and Halloween

Creative Corner: The Deforestation Arms, Adele, #StampOutTheGap and Halloween

Hola gang; welcome back to another Creative Corner!

For those who read last week, Rich was getting hangry in the back of a London cab (his is a glamorous life) so I’ve made sure to be writing this on my sofa eating chocolate orange buttons while watching Drag Race UK. It’s a different kind of glamorous…! 

Without further ado, and before the sugar rush ends, let’s see which creative goodies we’ve been served this week.

King of the Swingers

Stunt? Check. Pub-based? Check. Charity link? Check. Amazing animatronics?! Check!

The Deforester Arms from those scamps at Don’t Cry Wolf on behalf of Meridian Foods has it all.

Set up to highlight the devastation deforestation causes to habitats of animals like the orang-utan, the pop-up pub got the full rainforest treatment, complete with pint serving Pongo - hands down one of the best animatronic animals I’ve ever seen.

All money raised from the £10 ticket sales goes to International Animal Rescue and at the time of writing tickets had already sold out.

The photos are incredible and made for some great picture desk coverage and social media sharing, while also highlighting Meridian’s credentials as a palm oil free nut butter brand.

A creative win all round!

From Jungle Kings to Music Queens

All hail the return of Her Majesty, Adele.


It’s been SIX YEARS since Adele warmed up her pipes to sing us something new, so as the number ‘30’ popped up on buildings around the world last weekend fans knew it had to be the 15-time Grammy Award winner. (For people living under a rock, Adele names her albums after her age at the time she started writing them - 19, 21, 25, and now 30).

Following the numerical projections that sent social media into a frenzy, the Adele PR machine has gone into overdrive with a teaser clip of her first single, plus the cover of Vogue’s November issue, featuring an interview that has already (at the time of writing) been covered and quoted hundreds of times already by seemingly every other media outlet on the planet.

While the projections themselves aren’t the most creative stunt we’ve ever seen, they’re a great fit for brand Adele, and have done the job of hyping her just in time for all that rich content, and new music, to drop. It looks effortless (but we all know better!) so hats off to her team for pulling off such a carefully curated and polished launch.


The Adult Cerebal Palsy Hub launched a thought-provoking and visually lovely campaign earlier this week to mark World CP Day. The charity created a series of second-class stamps featuring illustrations of GB Paralympians including boccia player David Smith, sprinter Georgina Hermitage and wheelchair athlete Kare Adenegan, to highlight the second-class healthcare CP sufferers receive once they turn 18.

Coverage includes Sky News, The Independent, and others, plus support from athletes, MPs, and CP sufferers on Twitter.

The charity ran a similar campaign in February this year ahead of Cerebal Palsy Month in March, with stamps featuring famous CP sufferers from the worlds of sport, comedy, and acting. 

However I’m a big believer of if an idea works, you work it HARD. The updated stamps and the discussion this type of creative thinking is generating again this week is proof of that.

Thanks to Shook for highlighting this one to us on Twitter - love to see creatives big up their own work!

And finally - everyone’s entitled to one good scare…

Halloween might be a few weeks away, but the release of Halloween Kills, the latest offering from the Halloween franchise (how many is that now?!) is coming fast.

While I’m not a fan of horror (the current state of adult life is enough for me thank you!) film marketing is such a rich vein of creative opportunity and the team behind Halloween Kills are clearly having a lot of fun with it.

Fans of the franchise can ‘Face their Fate’ and create their own killer GIPHY sticker with their face reflected in Michael Meters’ blade which is doing great numbers on social media already. 

But my favourite element is the new Halloween Kills Interactive Experience that’s launched at Universal Studios - ‘Haddonfield Kills: The Hunt for Michael’ - with horror writers, film reviewers, and podcasters all invited to review the experience ahead of the films’ release. If the photos I’ve seen and the reviews I’ve read are anything to go by it’s successfully scaring them all stupid as well as getting people hyped for the film.

And with that I’ll sashay away for another fortnight. As ever please share your creative wins of the week with me on Twitter @Welsh_PR or email

See you next time!

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