Gwen Stefani, Travis Barker and Billy Idol in a B2B campaign?

Gwen Stefani, Travis Barker and Billy Idol in a B2B campaign?

Workday Rock Stars - The Sequel proves B2B can be genuinely entertaining, says Robert Roessler, Axicom’s business director.

Workday, a provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, launched its “Rock Stars” brand campaign at last year’s Super Bowl to major fanfare. So why feature it here now? Because its success spawned a sequel – a rarity in B2B marketing.

The first campaign saw a 24% increase in audience brand consideration and a whopping 50% surge in leads. Part two, featuring a new power trio – Gwen Stefani, Travis Barker, and Billy Idol – aims to amplify these results. Currently airing on UK television during the Euro 2024 football tournament, the campaign leverages repetition to build familiarity and trust.

Forget spreadsheets, Workday's bringing the mosh pit to businesses

“Rock Stars” celebrates the unsung heroes within a business – those who may not be in the limelight but consistently go the extra mile.

It highlights how Workday helps businesses unlock the potential of these employees, transforming them into the rock stars they truly are.

The campaign injects humour and a high-energy rock aesthetic into an industry often associated with dry spreadsheets and corporate jargon.

By partnering with globally recognised musicians, Workday connects with a wider audience and shows the tangible impact its solutions have on businesses and their employees.

Let's face it, nobody dreams of software solutions.

Workday gets this. But it also understands that behind every business decision, every data point, are human beings with passions, aspirations, and a desire for a little fun.

“Rock Stars” resonates because it recognises that we don't morph into emotionless robots the second we clock in. It's about connecting with the humans behind the business, speaking to their aspirations and desires. It acknowledges that even in the corporate world, we crave inspiration, excitement, and a little bit of rock and roll.

A prime example of Business-to-Human marketing

For me, this is B2H – business to human – marketing at its finest. It's not about software, it's about a feeling. Workday empowers businesses to unlock the potential within their workforce, turning ordinary employees into rockstars. And who wouldn't want to be a part of that transformation?

The campaign is a breath of fresh air, proving that B2B marketing can be entertaining, engaging, and even a little rebellious. It's time to ditch the tired tropes and embrace creativity, humour, and yes, even a little bit of rock and roll. Because at the end of the day, we're all just humans trying to make some noise in the world.

This sequel hit me like a power chord – a potent reminder of why "Rock Stars" grabbed me from the get-go. This simple idea, executed with slick, contemporary swagger, blows many of this year's Cannes winners out of the water. I won't crown it the rock god of advertising just yet, but it definitely gets a (responsible) headbang of approval from me.

Brand Credit: Workday
Agency Credit: Ogilvy

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