Heinz’s reactive advertising formula has plenty left to squeeze

Heinz’s reactive advertising formula has plenty left to squeeze

The latest gem from the 'It has to be Heinz' brand platform sees Heinz unveil a print campaign that resonates with ketchup enthusiasts worldwide.

Each image captures the determination of individuals going to extraordinary lengths to savour every last drop of their beloved condiment.

In a departure from societal norms, the campaign celebrates Heinz aficianados’ unwavering passion for its signature red sauce. Embedded within the ongoing 'It Has to be Heinz' narrative, the ad effortlessly communicates brand loyalty with a playful twist that is quintessentially Heinz.

With credits to Le Pub Brasil and Publicis Benelux, the campaign is led by a client team, including Thiago Rapp, Georgina Fotopoulou, Hannah Winterbourne, and Rosie Brierley,

Thinking fast…

The campaign comes as Heinz outlines a commitment to keep pace with cultural shifts, crafting its latest advertisement, 'The Last Drop,' within a mere five days. Since the launch of its global initiative, 'It Has to be Heinz,' the renowned food brand has demonstrated agility in responding to local trends, facilitating the creation of this latest ad at an unprecedented speed.

'The Last Drop,' was sparked by a viral social media video depicting a mother ingeniously licking spilled ketchup off her baby to prevent wastage. The campaign showcases various individuals resorting to licking Heinz products off unconventional surfaces such as sleeves, shirts, and keyboards, all in pursuit of savouring the last drop.

'The Last Drop' is testament to Heinz’s platform’s ability to drop campaigns quickly within a unified global framework, with the team reacting to social trends and ideas, and producing related creative in a prompt manner.

'The Last Drop' campaign, initially tailored for the UK market, is poised for expansion across international markets, leveraging Heinz's newfound global platform, which traverses geographic boundaries.

Resultantly, Argentina and Dubai are getting in on the act with a new campaign, ‘Heinz Hours’, with VML Argentina and VML Dubai dropping just as we were writing this piece. (Told you it was fast).

Our take

In a culture where memes and witty reactions pop up on social media seemingly as soon as a culturally significant event has happened, we’re all in on the creative game, more than ever before.

Heinz is smartly capitalising on this to stay ultra relevant, but in order to act quickly, a formula must be put in place, and, in this case, the brand is opting for tried and tested combination of a succinct, witty slogan, accompanied by a logo and some crisp, colourful imagery.

There’s also a common tone in all the adverts: they aim to play on consumer habits when participating in the shared joy of the Heinz experience.

Arriving amidst a resurgence of humour in advertising, this series of ads (appearing at lightning pace) underscore Heinz's ability to strike the perfect balance between light-heartedness and appreciation for its iconic products, building on its carefully curated brand legacy.

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