Hiscox and Uncommon continue the ‘Most Disastrous Campaign Ever’

Hiscox and Uncommon continue the ‘Most Disastrous Campaign Ever’

Specialist insurer Hiscox has unveiled the next phase of its brand campaign, produced in partnership with Uncommon Creative Studio.

The “Most Disastrous Campaign Ever” returns with even more catastrophic executions including data leaks, coding errors and awkward mistakes. The creative continues to spotlight the risks and challenges SME businesses face daily, with the campaign line ‘The story of your business, underwritten by Hiscox’.

One special build (a billboard wrapped in a giant ripped envelope, revealing supposedly confidential information) dramatises the threat posed by data leaks. 

A targeted mail activation extends the campaign, when envelopes land on doorsteps already ripped open, tapping into the inherent sense of intrusion that is triggered when the post appears to have been tampered with.

The campaign also features an incorrectly coded digital screen, a poster seemingly written by a small child, an upside-down billboard and a smashed digital out-of-home screen.

The campaign highlights the specialist protection Hiscox offers SME owners throughout the UK against small mistakes that come with big consequences.


Project Name: The Most Disastrous Campaign
Client: Hiscox
Creative Studio: Uncommon Creative Studio
Media Agency: Total Media
Special Builds: Posterscope and Ocean
Special Build Photography: Ben Hutton and Ocean

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