ICYMI: Levi's anthem 'Circles' from 2017

ICYMI: Levi's anthem 'Circles' from 2017

I'm supposed to be writing a Work Of The Week but I have just found this.

Earlier this week I had a chat with the talented Charlotte McConnell, Anomaly's senior broadcast and content producer.

When I was looking through her portfolio I saw that she created a beautiful piece of work for Levi's back in 2017. 

So good, I think, I wanted to share it.

As you can see, and hear, this is ninety seconds of energy bursting through the screen at you. 

Part of its beauty, and what interests me about it, is that I'm not looking at the clothes; but I'm feeling what they contribute to this scene. I'm watching the people, the dancing and I'm energised by it. It's only at the end I know the ad is for Levi's and I nod. It's a perfect fit.

Charlotte, lead producer, tells me the pre-production was at least three months in order to research and find the great people we see in the film. 

The brief was 'unity' when there was a lot of discord in the States, and globally, so the essence of the work was to celebrate that we are more alike than we are different. 

Charlotte says; "We researched cultures and sub-cultures of the world where they have similar traditions. Something that stood out was that across a lot of religions and communities forming a circle to dance is a recurrent theme. With dance and music being such a foundation for the legacy of Levi's commercials, this idea sat perfectly with the brand team." 

Charlotte set up a cultural insight hub and sent photographers into these communities, bringing in key members of the community as consultants. 

"The circle dance traditions stretched from the Horah for the orthodox Jewish community, to the floors of Jamaican dancehall and the LatinX rockabilly revolution, where youngsters are paying homage to Morrisey and everything 80's Salford on the streets of Mexico City."

It has attitude, style, flair, creativity, freedom, spirit and individuality. Attributes that I suspect Levi's feel are in abundance throughout its brand.

Finally - the message. 

Men. Women. Young. Old. Rich. Poor. Gay. Straight.
Let's live how we dance.

I agree. Let's.

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