The Yellow Sticker Cookbook: An easy way to find a meal in every deal

The Yellow Sticker Cookbook: An easy way to find a meal in every deal

The cost of living crisis is at an all-time high.

UK food bills have risen by 15% resulting in 1 in 7 Brits missing meals to save money. The Yellow Sticker Cookbook, created by Uncommon CX, wants to put a fork in this crisis.

Everyone has the right to a good meal. But, our pounds aren’t stretching as far as they used to anymore, apart from one place — the reduced food aisle. Problem is, the ability to quickly sling a meal together from random items is a rare gift. The Yellow Sticker Cookbook is here to change that.

The new app offers a solution to help find inspiration in those everyday discounted food items. Whether that’s a beetroot on its last legs or a bag of slightly soggy courgetti — this web-based app has countless recipes to help you cook up a storm for less.

How does it work?

STEP ONE ⏩ Simply scan the reduced items on your smartphone via The Yellow Sticker Cookbook website

STEP TWO ⏩ Add anything extra you might have at home in the fridge or cupboard

STEP THREE ⏩ Click go and see a range of recipe options that combine your available ingredients

Helping you cook your dinner for less as well as save the reduced food from going to waste.

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