Jeremy Clarkson called a F***er in Amazon Prime Video campaign by Forever Beta

Jeremy Clarkson called a F***er in Amazon Prime Video campaign by Forever Beta

In his latest TV outing for Amazon Prime Video, Jeremy Clarkson has decided to manage his own farm and is documenting the highs, lows and Lamborghini tractors involved in becoming a farmer. So, to promote the show, Forever Beta created a multi-region campaign calling him a F***er...obviously.

Playing on the polarising nature of Clarkson, the agency launched the campaign with unbranded teaser posters across the UK, Netherlands and Nordics reading “Jeremy Clarkson is a F***er”, aiming to build intrigue, mystique and debate.

When the public’s curiosity peaks, a new set of posters will reveal that the F-bomb in question is actually the word Farmer, complete with images of Clarkson resplendent in a flat cap next to a sheep.

‘Farmer Clarkson’ has also been animated to portray famous Nordic idioms across DOOH and social. In Monty Python-esque animation, Clarkson is given a crown of carrots and treks knee-deep in salad to create locally-relevant creative.

Although initially briefed just for the Nordics, the campaign has been expanded to include the Netherlands and the UK. It serves not only to build intrigue for “Clarkson’s Farm”, but also supports and bolsters the Amazon Prime Video brand.

Teasers appeared in the UK and Netherlands on Thursday 10th June and the full campaign launched on Monday 14th. The multi market campaign runs across OOH, social, digital banners, press, digital and print out of home. Launched in the Nordics from 11th June.

Paulo Areas, chief creative officer at Forever Beta said: “Clarkson isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so when we heard he’d bought the farm, we knew it could cheer a lot of people up. Inspired by his controversial persona the F***er campaign was born.”


Creative Agency: Forever Beta
Chief Creative Officer:
Paulo Areas
Jess Purchon, Britney Beeby, Harriet Stockwell
Lead Design:
Darren Cox and Lee Evans
Lead strategist:
Jesper Norgaard
Account Director:
Sophie Hanson
Lead producer:
Sasha Oglanby
Amazon Prime Video:
Himesh Dusara:
Senior Brand Marketing Manager
Dori Dunai:
Brand Marketing Manager
Laura Southgate: 
Campaign Producer
Hannah Povey:
Campaign Producer
Mauro Rodriquez Munoz: 
Senior Creative Director
Matthew Lloyd:
Head of Media Planning
Sophie Spirit:
PR Manager

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