Nuud encourages people to ‘Chew Plants Not Plastic’ exposing big gum’s plastic problem

Nuud encourages people to ‘Chew Plants Not Plastic’ exposing big gum’s plastic problem

Nuud has launched a bold campaign that calls out popular gum brands that use single-use plastic within its products.

Recent polling conducted by the Nuud revealed 74% of Britons are concerned about the health impact of chewing plastic gum. 84% of the UK public believe it is the responsibility of gum manufacturers to be transparent about the plastic content.

Through provocative graphics and a range of different poster designs (which will be unveiled over the coming weeks), the campaign educates the public about the single-use plastic contained in big gum.

Founder Keir Carnie said: “We love chewing gum. Brits chew over 5 billion pieces of gum every year. Fresh breath on the go shouldn’t mean polluting our bloodstreams or our planet. You might think plastic straws are a thing of the past, yet people are munching on the same amount of plastic each time they chew big brand gum. It's shocking and disgusting!”

Photography credit: Khurum Khan


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Paulo Salomao- Co-founder & Business Lead
Charlene Chandrasekaran- Co-founder & Executive Creative Director
Dan Morris- Co-founder & Executive Creative Director
Amy Fasey- Senior Creative
Jacob Hellström- Senior Creative
Dylan Hartigan- Junior Creative
Tom Snell- Junior Creative
Metz ti Bryan- Co-founder & Production Lead
Ruth Armitt- Producer

Keir Carnie- Founder
Lily Shanahan- Brand Manager

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