PR Stunt Watch: Netflix's Griselda, Kotex's Valentine's Day gift and Lush makes Saltburn bathbombs

PR Stunt Watch: Netflix's Griselda, Kotex's Valentine's Day gift and Lush makes Saltburn bathbombs

February—my favourite month of the year.

Mainly because of my birth month but also because it truly is one of the most action-packed times of the year.

And for a PR looking for a quick calendar month stunt, February’s a dream. Valentines, Galentines and if those didn’t work out well Pancake Day. Nearly every award show, fashion week, Brazil and Trinidad carnival (the biggest carnivals in the world), the Superbowl, or this year, Ushers concert with a supporting NFL game. The end of a long-ass January. 

You name it – February's got it.

And this year hasn’t disappointed as brands and agencies alike have taken full advantage of the calendar and cultural hooks that February provides.

Netflix’s Griselda campaign had everyone snorting

I should have started off slow – but this one had such a visceral reaction from me that I think just puts it up there in top campaigns for me. 

I screamed. I cackled. I reposted on my socials. 

I texted old work colleagues with a sick sense of humour (like mine) and asked “This you?”. And then I had many a fond memory of getting a cease and desist from the Colombian Embassy for a stunt around Pablo Escobar—one of my proudest moments.

And that’s what you want from a campaign right? For consumers to react, share and talk about it. It hit every KPI a brand could ask for and it was BRAVE. A branded van seemingly snorting lines off a street with a giant straw. I’m sorry, what?!

Some may love it, some invariably may be pissed off by it, but I’m sorry, the team surely laughed the whole time they created the campaign and held onto their pants every time they had to present it – just in case a senior bod said to wrap it up (pun not intended).

If I’m really honest with myself, it has all the makings for me to want to dislike it. I mean we did faux OOH videos to the max in 2023. It’s based in the clean streets of Paris, as apparently most brands opt for, and I’m still trying to find out who PRs Paris because as all TikTokkers know, the social media appearance vs reality is stark. But in my opinion, it’s brilliant and stays true to the Griselda story, I guess.

Kotex encourages Period Sex this Valentines Day

Never have I ever thought my childish “never have I ever” games would turn up as a campaign.

A taboo subject that would always come up at games nights with my girls when we were sixteen once the Smirnoff and Sourz came out. “Never have I ever run a red light”. A code name for period sex because saying the actual words felt way too vulgar, but you were interested in knowing if any of them had ventured down that alley.

Kotex has wonderfully encapsulated this subject finding the insight that only 50% of women are comfortable about talking about it and 40% of women are missing out on sex this Valentine’s Day due to being on their period. Selling chocolate boxes with Valentine's treats and period pads.

Firstly, It’s a good campaign. And a great way to engage around Valentine's. It, again, is brave and speaks to a conversation that we aren’t necessarily having around the dinner table.

But with all good campaigns, it has its problems.

I may be egged for saying this but I’m just going to be real, I’m not sure if a period pad functionally helps the situation. I, for sure, think Kotex should be a part of the conversation but if you’re having period sex… a period pad wouldn’t play a role.

Secondly, ever just skipped a sesh by simply saying I’m on my period to avoid the explanations? Kinda feels like this tells our women…okay yeah and? Ever just had your period and you just didn’t want to be touched? Period?

Potentially this was aimed at a younger audience as I feel like this gets unpicked by adults who will have period sex if they want. Or not.

Saltburn Bath Bomb… IYKYK

I just-


I just can’t.

Like today, I just can’t be asked.

I’m typing and not trying to gag as I am reminded of the scene of Saltburn that had me turning it off.

A person in a tank topDescription automatically generated
Credit: Lush

Again whoever’s creative this is, fair enough. Claps all round.

We are reminded that creative has you feeling things. Anger, happiness, joy, sympathy…obviously this has me feeling sick to my stomach—but I felt something.

And so did my PR teams chat which had the team exclaiming “sooooo good.”

Culturally relevant, funny, simple – dare I say, clean?

Chances are Lush will sell out of these bath bombs in seconds and some TikTokker will be making their own Saltburn bath with the Saltbomb. If this is your plan for Valentines Day…YOU DO YOU.

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