Quiet Storm devises hard-hitting campaign for Women’s Equality Party

Quiet Storm devises hard-hitting campaign for Women’s Equality Party

Creative agency Quiet Storm has created a social media campaign for the Women’s Equality Party which emphasises how much work there is still to be done to ensure equality.

Addressing issues such as domestic abuse, equal pay, rape, black maternal mortality, and the value of care work, the campaign broke on Sunday 9 May and will run for four weeks.

Quiet Storm’s brief was to drive recruitment to the Women’s Equality Party and the work builds on the idea: ‘We’re just getting started. Let’s make change happen. Join us.’

Using striking illustrated imagery of women who state some of the issues and inequalities that still exist and that WEP are striving to change, powerful copywriting emphasises the fact that many women are paid less than their male co-workers; and feel they can’t walk home safely at night, whilst childcare costs have led them to sacrifice their careers.

The artwork makes use of the iconic green and purple colours of the party to illustrate proud, defiant women from all backgrounds. It’s an unmistakably Women’s Equality Party call to arms. The work will be seen as video and static on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and web banners.

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