Rihanna's Super Bowl performance signifies a world where women can be it all

Rihanna's Super Bowl performance signifies a world where women can be it all

Rihanna's Super Bowl performance was iconic.

The Barbadian singer, shout out to the small islanders, took centre stage at the Superbowl (or RihRihbowl) in February and it was nothing short of epic. 

Not only was she the first pregnant woman to perform at the Super Bowl, but she also used the opportunity to promote her classic hits, her stand-out (and witty) merch, her diverse and innovative makeup line, and her clothing line. This was a moment that signified a world where women can have it all.

For years, women have been told that they must choose between their personal lives and their careers. 

This a sentiment that has often seeped into the world of creativity – with fewer women taking, or being offered, creative director roles, and instead focusing on family commitments.

The idea that women cannot have both a family and a successful career has been ingrained in our society for far too long. 

But Rihanna's performance at the Super Bowl proves that this notion is not only outdated but entirely false—she managed to promote her brand and entertain millions of people worldwide while simultaneously growing a life inside her.

It also became one of the most viral performances, inspiring dance routines, makeup and outfit recreations from fans wowed by the show. 

Rihanna's decision to perform at the Super Bowl while pregnant was a significant moment that highlighted the power and resilience of women.

Pregnancy is often seen as a time when women need to slow down and take a break from their careers, but Rihanna proved that this is not the case. She showed that women can continue to pursue their passions and careers while also starting a family. This was a powerful statement that challenged the traditional gender roles and expectations placed on women.

Social media has also played a significant role in celebrating women and promoting this idea of balance. 

It’s allowed us to connect with women all over the world whilst sharing their stories. It has given us a platform to celebrate and champion women who are breaking down barriers and achieving great things. It has allowed us to see that women can be both successful in their careers and have a family, and that there is no need to choose.

The stars' use of social media is a perfect example of this. Rihanna regularly uses her platforms to promote her brand and her music, but she also uses it to celebrate her personal life. She shares her pregnancy journey with her fans, giving them an insight into her life outside of her career, whilst being totally unapologetic about it. By doing this, she is showing her fans that she is a real person.

This year’s Super Bowl performance was not just about promoting Rihanna’s brand or celebrating her pregnancy. It's about showing that women can be more human. It's about breaking down the idea that women must be perfect, that they must always have it all together and that their role is siloed.

Rihanna's performance was an historic moment that showcased the power and resilience of women. 

It was a moment that showed that women can be successful in multiple areas and should not be limited to one aspect of their lives. A powerful statement that challenges traditional gender roles and expectations and highlighted the progress women have made in entertainment, creativity and business.

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