Samsung ‘crushes’ the competition by mocking Apple

Samsung ‘crushes’ the competition by mocking Apple

Samsung’s response to Apple’s controversial pulled advert packs a crushing punch, says Graeme Anthony, executive creative director at Axicom.

Samsung has launched a tongue-in-cheek campaign in response to Apple's controversial "Crushed" iPad Pro advertisement. Apple's ad, which depicted the destruction of various artistic tools and objects, was met with criticism for being "tone deaf" and insensitive.

Samsung's campaign positions itself as a champion of traditional art forms against the homogenising influence of technology. 

Its latest ad, "UnCrush," features a woman navigating a scene of artistic debris, reminiscent of Apple's ad. She picks up a damaged guitar and uses a Galaxy Tab S9 to display chords, symbolising the potential for technology to support and enhance creativity rather than replace it. 

Apple's recent string of setbacks, from losing its smartphone sales crown to AI woes and iPhone alarm glitches, has left the tech giant vulnerable.

And, when it comes to the old adage of "never kick a man when he's down," Samsung clearly never got the memo.

Brand rivalries are a staple of modern marketing. From the cola wars of Coca-Cola and Pepsi to the burger battles of McDonald's and Burger King, and even the recent supermarket showdown between Aldi and M&S, competitive "brandter" can be both entertaining and effective. 

While some may dismiss it as a little lowbrow or lazy, there's an undeniable thrill in witnessing two industry titans clash.

In the wake of the "Crushed" ad's backlash, Apple's marketing and PR teams likely braced themselves for Samsung's inevitable response. Yet, Samsung's counterpunch surpassed mere mockery. It was a polished, seamless, and utterly brilliant piece of content.

Recreating the "Crushed" set with meticulous detail, Samsung's ad picks up where Apple's left off. Amidst the wreckage of crushed instruments and art supplies, the ad's message is clear: creativity endures. The effort and precision poured into replicating the original set within a week is a testament to Samsung's marketing prowess.

And while most brand rivalries play out through social media jabs and the occasional billboard, Samsung's commitment to the craft elevates its response beyond a fleeting cheap shot. This is a campaign that will be remembered and a contender for the top ten greatest examples of all time.

However, for me, that crown will always belong to the OG challenger brand, Virgin, and the years of delightful grief they inflicted upon British Airways. And with that, let's remind ourselves of this all-time classic

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