SISTER Music rebrands to fight the lack of female and non-binary representation in the music space

SISTER Music rebrands to fight the lack of female and non-binary representation in the music space

SISTER Music has announced its rebrand as RESISTER.

It has been consciously timed to coincide with Zero Discrimination day - an international day to promote equality.

RESISTER, a multi-award winning, full-service music agency founded by Hollie Hutton and Hannah Charman, was born to fight the lack of female and non-binary representation in the music media industry. 

Known as the first Music Supervision agency to create a dedicated home for female and gender minority composers, artists, producers and sound designers, they provide a space for all the incredibly exciting talent that is out there today.

According to Annenberg’s Inclusion in the Recording Studio study, just 2.8% of music across the most popular songs of the past 10 years were produced by women. 

There is also a huge discrepancy when it comes to film score composers whereby only 7% of Hollywood movies from 2013-2021 films were scored by women.

Hollie Hutton, Co-Founder, RESISTER says:“Although we are seeing huge appetite for change from our clients across the media space, progress is still slow. We’re still seeing under 10% of women’s representation across all forms of music production. At RESISTER our aim is to light a fire under that change.”

Hannah Charman, Co-Founder, RESISTER added:“What we are trying to do is important and has to be tackled from both angles, from top executive decision makers being informed of the current disparity and making efforts to look at their creative teams. To the young and passionate being given opportunities in training and education in music. We want RESISTER to not only shine a light on the current issues but to also offer a means to address and start making the necessary change.”

Since it’s launch back in 2020, the agency has created a name for itself winning awards for its creative work including a Shark and a Clio as well as garnering a nod for Grammy Consideration in the original Gaming score category.

As part of the launch, RESISTER are calling on its clients, collaborators and colleagues in the industry to share across their social media channels some shocking statistics on launch day as a ‘call to arms’ to RESIST the stats and start to implement real change. This is also substantiated by the shortage of female/POC and non-binary nominations at recent award events.

RESISTER resists:

  • The lack of representation of women music producers in the Top 40
  • The lack of women major film score composers
  • The gender pay gap in the music industry 
  • The lack of gender minorities in music studios
  • The lack of female nominees in major award ceremonies
  • The lack of gender minority festival headliners
  • The lack of women of colour in the music industry  
  • The lack of women songwriters in the music industry
  • The lack of women artists in the Top 40

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