Steal Artois Collection: Stella Artois embraces the sin few will admit

Steal Artois Collection: Stella Artois embraces the sin few will admit

Ever nicked a pint glass from the pub?

While we’ve obviously never been guilty of stealing a particularly fetching pint glass from our local, some of our more deviant readers may well have… and it appears Stella Artois has your back.

For numerous beer brands, discovering that its glasses are frequently pilfered from pubs might appear to be a problem to resolve, rather than encourage. However, a campaign by AB InBev-owned brand Stella Artois – and developed by VML Santiago in collaboration with David New York – has positively spurred its fans on to occasionally partake in this heinous act.

A limited-edition line of clothing, purportedly crafted to make the pilfering of its glasses a tad less conspicuous, has been released. The excellently named ‘The Steal Artois collection’ comprises five branded garments, including jeans and jackets with capacious pockets, as well as a bucket hat that doubles as a bag.

A tongue-in-cheek advertisement showcased the inventive ways each item could conceal a Stella Artois chalice across digital, outdoor, social media, and print components. Social media activations even urged individuals to confess their deeds by sharing a snapshot of the pilfered chalice.

A series of posters, meanwhile, depict Stella glassware in various household storage spots. Relatable. For some, at least.

Our take

Stella Artois ads often play on its rich history, dating back to 1366 in Belgium, by maintaining an identity based on heritage and prestige through a series of campaign twists and turns. The iconic Stella Artois chalice glass reflects this brand positioning, symbolising elegance, refinement, and the ritual of enjoying a perfectly poured beer. It’s also pretty stealable (we’re told).

Notable past campaigns, including the ‘Reassuringly Expensive’ campaign, stay long in the memory, appealing to consumers who value quality over quantity. Another memorable campaign, ‘She is a Thing of Beauty’ highlighted the craftsmanship behind Stella Artois' brewing process and celebrated the artistry of beer-making.

In recent years, Stella Artois has continued to evolve its brand identity and adapt to changing consumer preferences and market dynamics, while keeping the core of its brand positioning. The stolen glasses play well as a social media meme, while still staying true to the fact that people value its prestige: even going so far as common theft.

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