Symbio: Life Fitness launches new cardio range for the ultimate sensory experience

Symbio: Life Fitness launches new cardio range for the ultimate sensory experience

Life Fitness, the global leader in commercial fitness equipment, and Syn, the Leeds-based creative agency, have delivered a global marketing campaign to introduce the Symbio range.

Life Fitness has been at the forefront of cardio and strength training equipment innovation since the introduction of the revolutionary Lifecycle in 1968, and the Symbio range continues this legacy of industry-changing advancements.

"The name Symbio is born from the concept of Symbiosis. We aimed to blur the lines between exerciser and equipment, creating a symbiotic synergy between human and machine to benefit the mind and body in pursuit of the ultimate cardio fitness experience,” said Harry Damen, marketing director, Health Clubs from Life Fitness. "This range represents a harmonious fusion of advanced biomechanics, purposeful design, and personalised experiences, elevating the cardio fitness journey to new heights."

Paul Taylor, director of product design at Life Fitness went on to say, “Syn did a brilliant job of translating Symbio's product design vision into an engaging campaign that resonates with our customers and exercisers on an intellectual and emotional level. We couldn't have chosen a better partner.”

Syn helped to bring the Symbio vision to life.

From conceptualising the name 'Symbio' to crafting the overarching proposition of 'Fitness Reimagined,' Syn's collaboration with Life Fitness has led to a comprehensive multi-channel campaign.

"The close relationship between Syn and Life Fitness has been instrumental in shaping the narrative and identity of Symbio," commented Chris Newell, creative director at Syn. "We are proud to have created a campaign that not only introduces a groundbreaking product but also redefines the very essence of fitness."

The Symbio campaign commenced with a teaser film in late 2023, generating anticipation for the full launch scheduled this month, featuring Team GB Athlete Hannah Williams. Pre-launch previews kicked off at IHRSA in Los Angeles in March and FIBO in Cologne in April. Symbio is the centrepiece, underscoring its status as a game-changer in the fitness landscape.

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