The Global Creativity Review: June 2024

The Global Creativity Review: June 2024

Welcome to the June 2024 Global Creativity Review!

In this series, founder of PRmoment (Creative Moment's sister title) Ben Smith joins a host of PR industry creatives to discuss, and sometimes dissect, the standout creative moments of the month.

This is the audio version of the Global Creativity Review: you can watch the video version, with all the campaign/work films on PRmoment's YouTube Channel.

The Global Creativity Review is produced in partnership with Creative Moment.

The only catch? Guests are not allowed to choose their own work.

Speaking on this review:

  • Kat Thomas, founder and chief creative officer at One Green Bean
  • Lora Martyr, executive creative director at Taylor Herring
  • Olivia Mushigo, senior creative at Good Relations

Don't have time for a whole podcast?

Don’t worry, here is the TL/DR discussion points for time-pressed listeners:

1 mins: Sweethearts - Situationships by Tombras

5 mins: Heineken - Pub Museums (Ireland)

13 mins: NUFC x Sela - Unsilence The Crowd

21 mins: Red Bull - Flying Through London’s Tower Bridge

29 mins: Burger King - 70th Anniversary, Old Flames

32 mins: Heinz - Reviews For Naturalisation in Brazil

39 mins: Just Eat - More Beef Than Kendrick and Kanye

40 mins: Dove - Mom Experience Translator Tool

This is part of our regular series of creativity reviews, so if you like what you hear, look back at the PRmoment Podcast archive on iTunes or Spotify to listen to more creative ideas.

You can watch the video version of this episode of The Global Creativity Review on PRmoment’s YouTube channel.

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