The Hidden 20%: Pearlfisher and Seedlip founder Ben Branson highlight the positives of a neurodivergent mind

The Hidden 20%: Pearlfisher and Seedlip founder Ben Branson highlight the positives of a neurodivergent mind

Pearlfisher London unveils its design work for the newly launched weekly podcast, charity, and social impact campaign.

Its first non-project campaign shines a spotlight on the often-overlooked positives, unrealised potential, and hidden contribution that thinking differently makes to the world.

Led by Ben Branson, the entrepreneur behind the world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip, THE HIDDEN 20% aims to reshape societal perceptions surrounding ADHD, autism, dyscalculia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and Tourette's syndrome – conditions estimated to affect 20% of the global population.

In 2022, Ben's diagnoses of autism and ADHD provided clarity but also highlighted the significant challenges that both society itself and neurodivergent individuals face in terms of understanding diagnosis and support. 

Influenced by his own discovery and this realisation, PRISMND was born – a modern, media-led charity committed to raising awareness and providing support for neurodivergence through impactful campaigns and initiatives. Partnering with creative design and branding agency Pearlfisher, Ben sought to establish a fresh and compelling visual identity for both PRISMND and the charity's first social impact campaign, THE HIDDEN 20%.

Diverging from the naïve, rainbow-heavy, and often patronising language and visual aesthetic prevalent in its sector, the identity for THE HIDDEN 20% mirrors the campaign’s mission as a frontier for actioning change, starting with conversations that include neurodivergent entrepreneurs, celebrities, influencers and experts.

The identity acts as a visual framework, proudly championing the neurodivergent minds who participate in sharing their personal experiences. In a visual interpretation of the name, Pearlfisher's identity for THE HIDDEN 20% features five dots with one highlighted in green to symbolise the 20% of the world's population estimated to be neurodivergent. The dot acts as a spotlight to show support for neurodivergence and flexing across THE HIDDEN 20%'s visual identity system and campaign initiatives.

The Hidden 20%: Pearlfisher and Seedlip founder Ben Branson highlight the positives of a neurodivergent mind

Jess Phillips, Creative Director at Pearlfisher London, comments on the project, “When we initially started talking to Ben about creating a visual identity for THE HIDDEN 20% we instantly understood for this campaign to not only raise awareness but drive action, a departure from the current sector design norms was essential. Our vision to create something bold and striking aims to make people stand up, take notice and take action. It has been reported that 20% of the workforce within the creative industry are neurodivergent, so we are incredibly proud to be supporting and amplifying this campaign."

Ben Branson, Founder of PRISMND and THE HIDDEN 20%, comments, "From day one, Pearlfisher's commitment to this project has been unwavering. They have created a stand-out and disruptive design world that cuts through the traditional tropes of the charity sector's visual language. THE HIDDEN 20% podcast is a bold, modern take on how a charity's social efforts can be brought to life to create change. We need a paradigm shift in positively raising awareness of neurodivergence; it’s already begun, and we’re ready to help accelerate it!”


Mike Branson, Founding Partner & Group Chairman
Jonathan Ford, Founding Partner & Group Creative Director
Jess Phillips, Creative Director
Kat Mellor, Designer
Sara Distenfano, Motion Designer

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