The Mental Health First Aid Kit supplied by ASICS

The Mental Health First Aid Kit supplied by ASICS

ASICS EMEA is making mental health part of all new and existing athlete contracts.

It says it recognises the growing pressures faced by elite athletes and has introduced new resources to better protect and support their mental health.

"At ASICS, we want to win, but not at all costs"
is the rebellious line defining this work, highlighting that the long-term physical and mental wellbeing of athletes means more to it than any medal or podium place.

It believes mental health deserves the same attention as physical health, so it enlisted the help of Daria Abramowicz to create the mental health first aid kit on the go. All marrying into the tradition and culture of the brand—Sound Mind. Sound Body—created by its founder Kihachiro Onitsuka in the 1949.

Neil A. Dawson
, who was part of the creation of the campaign, says "For me it's a privilege to work with a brand where its purpose is part of its DNA. A purpose they live up to every day."

The creative background.

"Usually we are briefed to come up with a concept from scratch. On this occasion, however, the idea of a Mental Health First Aid Kit was one that our client had. Our role was to design and produce this and the accompanying advertisement. 

It is testament to our clients' commitment to Sound Mind, Sound Body that they are making it live and breath on every level. This commitment to its athletes is ASICS really 'walking the walk' (no pun intended). 

We collaborated with the Hub London to create the kits. The thinking that runs through them is supported by the well known sports psychologist Daria Abramowicz so every element of it has a really meaningful benefit".

Neil A. Dawson


Agency: Neil A Dawson & Company
Design: Mike Watson
Clive Pickering
Dan McShane
Art Production Company:
The Hub London
Laurence Haskell Photography

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