The V&A presents the museum’s vast collection with “If you’re into it, it’s in the V&A”

The V&A presents the museum’s vast collection with “If you’re into it, it’s in the V&A”

The V&A and adam&eveDDB have launched a new campaign to showcase the incredible breadth of the V&A’s permanent collection of over 2.8 million objects, which tell a 5,000 year old story of creativity, spanning every creative discipline.

“If you’re into it, it’s in the V&A” is designed to drive mass re-appraisal and tap into people’s niche passions – from punk to pottery, or stamps to streetwear – to remind people that whatever your interests, you’re bound to find something for you in the V&A.

The campaign is based on the insight that whilst most people have heard of the V&A, fewer people feel familiar with what the museum offers, which is particularly true of younger generations. The work aims to highlight the relevance of the collection and increase visits to the V&A online and in person.

The V&A and adam&eveDDB are working with dozens of skilled creators to produce a wide range of unique objects, each object has been designed to appeal to specific interest groups, from the mainstream to the niche. The objects all come together to form a variety of playful encounters with the V&A. Selected objects will be placed in unknown locations across the UK to be discovered by relevant enthusiasts as they are pursuing their passions, and feature QR codes that link directly to relevant items in the V&A collection.

Among the niche object activations is a silverware stunt, in which a century-old silver tankard engraved with a unique message has been buried in a popular Oxfordshire metal-detecting location; limited edition embroidered pocket squares to be given away at a specialist tailor; and a handmade 2-metre-long battle flag which was displayed by an armoured participant for a battle reenactment group.

Still to come are: an online stunt in the popular video game Grand Theft Auto Online, in which the campaign message will be displayed on the clothing of TikTok influencer Shlottie’s avatar as she broadcasts live on Twitch (13th March); a bespoke knit created by skilled artisan, Onyinye Achusiogu, to be worn at The Stitch Festival (21st – 24th March); a London theatre seat featuring a specially engraved plaque; a 120-year-old book that has been painstakingly rebound and will be left on the shelves of a vintage bookshop; and a bespoke 3D animation to be played before a film in the cinema, paying homage to the classic style of production company pre-rolls, and reminding movie-goers that “If you’re into cinema, it’s in the V&A”.

Mark Shanley, creative director, at adam&eveDDB said:Getting to make creative things for a living is a gift. To make them for the home of creativity is a unique privilege. This campaign positions the V&A as having something in its collection for you no matter what you’re into. What are you into? Football? Fashion? Flappy Bird? Yes, they’re all in the V&A. Jewellery. Yep. Star Wars? Loads of it. The world’s oldest, most beautiful and historically important carpet. Yes, they have that too. And 2.8 million other things. Come to the V&A and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”

To ensure the V&A continues to serve every niche passion, the campaign also features a nationwide recruitment drive, created with Hope&Glory PR, to identify nine new ‘Superfan Advisors’. Selected fans will be joining the ranks of the V&A’s team to share their love and knowledge about their chosen subjects: Taylor Swift, Toby Jugs, Emojis, Tufting, Gorpcore, LEGO, Pokemon, Crocs and Drag. The campaign garnered masses of national media attention, with the V&A becoming a hot topic on BBC News, BBC Breakfast, ITV daytime and national radio stations, as well as gracing the pages of The Metro, The i, The Daily Mail, The Times and going international, by landing coverage across Europe and the USA in Variety and Time magazine. As a result of the enormous interest around the campaign, over one thousand entries for the roles were received via the V&A website.

Media for the campaign was planned and bought by PHD, spanning dynamic OOH, DCO digital display, press and social media. Contextual ads featuring 70 objects from the museum’s permanent collection are running across a number of media platforms, utilising the dynamic creative and optimisation capabilities of Omnicom Media Group’s Adylic to contextually match ads to their relevant environments, such as football, music and fashion. Design agency, SOUP, were responsible for paid social animation, in museum screens and tunnel poster design and production.


Sophie Rouse - Head of Integrated Marketing and Insight
Evonne Mackenzie - Head of Design
Francesca Robinson - Deputy Head of Integrated Marketing 
Laura Curtis - Marketing Manager
Chris Price - Senior Social Media Manager
Laura McKechan - Head of Communications
Shannon Nash - Communications Manager
Ruwaida Khandker - Marketing Officer
Lisa Bull - Marketing Officer
Shruti Chhabra - Marketing Assistant
Sophie Brendel - Director of Audiences, Commercial and Digital
Philippa Simpson - Director of Design, Estate and Public Programme

Richard Brim - Chief Creative Officer
Antony Nelson & Mike Sutherland - Executive Creative Directors
Mark Shanley - Creative Director
Edward Usher & Xander Hart - Creatives
Chris Chapman - Designer
Molly Johnstone - Social Creative
Sally Pritchett - Joint Head of Integrated Production
Jaki Jo Hannan - Head of Print Production & Experiential
Hannah Needham - Producer
Hazel Corstens - Producer
Harriet Wyndham-Read Sproule - Assistant Producer
Miranda Hipwell - Chief Executive Officer
Tom White - Managing Partner
Alex Murray - Account Director
Carrie Pollock - Account Director
Lydia Barber - Account Manager
Martin Beverley - Chief Strategy Officer
Will Grundy - Head of Planning
Stuart Williams - Senior Planner
Kat Scott-Hyde - Junior Planner
Rachel Geraghty - PR Director
Annabel Barry - Head of New Business
Linda-Aileen MacFarlane - Project Director
Tom Campbell - Legal Counsel

Tara Thompson, Senior Senior Producer
Kim Moessl, Producer
Matthew Walker, Digital Producer
Pata Malecka, Resource Manager
James Ireland, Head of Edit
Adrian Scanlon, Editor
Nitin Rishi, Videographer
Harry Mitchell, Photographer
Honor Northridge Videographer
Robert Whitehead, Photographer
Stephen Mead, Executive Producer of Content
Tony Hutton, Repro & Supply Press, Senior Press Producer


Don Ferguson - Deputy MD
James Keiller - Associate Creative Director

Ellie Connett – Planning Manager – PHD
Lauren Port – Client Partner - PHD
Nicola Thorne – Media Print Director - PHD
Zeeshan Ali – Activation Manager - PHD
Soča Kodric – Project Manager DOOH – Adylic
Nathan Bennett – Business Development Lead DOOH - Adylic
Saskia Hammond – Account Executive – Adylic
Allana Maclean – Creative Strategist – Adylic
Sevval Aysan- Creative Strategist – Adylic
Jack Apperley – Senior Account Manager - Adylic
Liam Kelly – Ad Ops Executive - Adylic

King Henry - Artworking, Re-touching & CGI

Adylic - Digital Creative Activation

Somesoch - Production
Will Robson Scott - Director
Lana Salfiti - Producer

Times Based Arts
Simone - Grade

Mark Hellaby - Sound
Paco Sweetman - Editor

SOUP - Design (paid social, in-museum screens and tunnel posters)
Nina Jua Klein
Simon Wilson

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