Three (well four actually) podcasts that are good for your creative soul

Three (well four actually) podcasts that are good for your creative soul

I was walking along, trying to find some inspiration for my next column, but my mind kept tuning back to the podcast that was playing in my ears, and that, as usual, I was not properly listening to. Why is it so impossible to keep the mind focused on one thing, and why is it so hard to listen, really listen, to what someone is saying? Or perhaps that is just me.

If you, on the other hand, are a great listener, here are three recommendations of podcasts. They all entertain, they all make me laugh and the third one also presents interesting and surprising facts. Like for instance, do you know which creature is most likely to burrow into your ear? Answer is at the end!*

  1. The Adam Buxton Podcast. Buxton makes me laugh out loud (which can be embarrassing when I am on the bus, but at least I get a seat to myself) and I also like his constant self-put-downs. You would have thought by now that he would be brimming with confidence, but like many talented, creative people, he suffers from self-doubt. It is not that I champion lack of confidence, but I think that a certain amount of self-criticism can push you to achieve better. Sadly, as I have said before, it is often the untalented, but arrogantly confident people, who get more recognition! Buxton interviews fascinating comedians, film makers and comedians, has great rapport with his talking dog Rosie (aka the hairy bullet), and recommends other podcasts at the end of his own.
  2. Fortunately… with Fi and Jane. When you listen to Fi Glover and Jane Garvey chatting to each other it is like being in a room with your funniest and closest friends, admitting to all those embarrassing things you do and bodily functions that, again, can help you get a seat to yourself on the bus. They also interview great guests, my recent favourite being their conversation with Anneka Rice.
  3. No Such Thing as a Fish. This podcast from the office that makes the TV show QI, is where I found out which insect loves being inside ears and why a sunflower should really be called sunflowers (apparently each ‘flower’ is actually made of lots of tiny flowers). Lots of banter, loads of facts and food for thought.

I know I said I was going to recommend just three podcasts, but as I am also the editor of PRmoment, here is some shameless advertising for its podcast, hosted by publisher Ben Smith, interviewing luminaries of the PR industry. Lots of stories, and it is surprising what you learn about senior PR people… Here is an interview with one of our own Creative Moment contributors James Gordon-MacIntosh.

Happy listening!

* A cockroach (I know! How awful!)

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