Creative Corner: A melting billboard, The Simpson's House re-imagined and Alton Towers gets creepy

Creative Corner: A melting billboard, The Simpson's House re-imagined and Alton Towers gets creepy

Is it just me or does it feel like we’re already halfway through the year already?

How is it still January?

At least that means there’s plenty more Creative Corners still to come your way in 2023, so let’s get cracking with the latest.

ITV’s melting billboard

Billboard-based stunts seem to be very much in vogue at the moment - in last week’s Creative Corner, we looked at three creative different takes on the effects of SAD. And this week another street-side installation caught our eye - ITV’s very inventive way of promoting its new natural history series: A Year On Planet Earth.

The broadcaster installed a frozen billboard at the Westfield London shopping centre, which thawed out gradually to reveal a spring scene. It’s a clever idea that brings to life that wondrous sense of transition when the seasons change - and how we can’t wait for that.

There’s more in the pipeline too, with planned takeovers of Liverpool Lime Street train station and digital billboards updating with real-time, location-specific creatives based on Met Office data.

The Simpsons house re-imagined

Just when you think there’s no Simpsons-based campaign idea left to be discovered, this eye-catcher comes along.

I confess I missed this first time round back in November, but it’s still picking up coverage now for HouseholdQuotes thanks to the brilliant brains at NeoMam.

They’ve taken The Simpsons’ famous Springfield home and reimagined it in the styles of all sorts of different British architecture, from Georgian to art deco to a 1970s terrace. 742 Evergreen Terrace has never seen such a transformation.

With visual campaigns like this, they live or die by the details in the execution and this one most certainly lives - it’s brilliantly done.

Alton Towers gets creepy

Alton Towers is ramping up the anticipation for its newest ride by sending out some very creepy post.

Journalists have been sharing plenty of varied reactions to receiving parcels containing a creepy jack-in-a-box toy accompanied by a note reading ‘the countdown has begun’.

It’s all ahead of the official unveiling of the Staffordshire theme park’s new immersive experience called The Curse at Alton Manor, which replaces Duel. More details on the ride are due to be released soon, so expect to see more creepy creativity on your timelines any day.

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Catch you next week.

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