Deliveroo lets you opt out of Mother's Day in this sensitive message

Deliveroo lets you opt out of Mother's Day in this sensitive message

The Background

We’ve all had a truly tough year. Plain and simple. 

We are edging towards our one year 'Coronaversary' and frankly every moment feels rough. We are being bombarded by bad news from all sides with a fraction of hope that we are moving towards a brighter day. And the nearer we get to our one year of lockdown, the more we all realise that we are bruised and scarred by the pandemic. 

Sadly, more than anything, nearly all of us would have had someone we know of or someone near and dear to us that has passed away in the past year.

The Big Idea

A simple opt out. 

Not a big deal but could mean so much to so many and such a personal and thoughtful sentiment. 

In the midst of the million marketing emails, we all receive, Deliveroo has given its newsletter subscribers the opportunity to opt out of a special day – Mother’s Day.

What They Did

Deliveroo lets you opt out of Mother's Day in this sensitive message

The Review

It feels tiny but after the year we have had, days like Mother’s Day will be, more than ever, such a hard time for those who have lost mothers, grandmothers and special women in their lives. 

I’ve always thought to myself, how do those who have lost their mums (or dads) feel when the generic celebratory days like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day get closer. They’re consistently bombarded with advertising and deals reminding them of that moment of loss. 

After losing someone dear to me at Christmas I was triggered by watching Disney’s Soul, let alone everyday being marketed to around something that could be painful.

On reflection, what about those who haven’t lost a mum but have one or two amazing dads around them – what if they don’t want to be consistently marketed to by their food delivery service about something that doesn’t even concern them? 

A really smart and thoughtful move for the brand as well as an interesting step in personalised eMarketing.

In Hindsight

It’s a great move and I feel like all brands should look at more opt-out opportunities like this.

There are so many promotions that are widely celebrated but have no opt-out option.

From opting out of Christmas promotions for those who come from different religious backgrounds, to opting out of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, or even non-celebratory due to LGBTQ+ family setups. 

Maybe I could opt out of Pancake Day because I don’t need the carbs, opt-out of Dry January because after 2020 give me all the booze and my personal favourite is to opt me out of Valentine’s Day because my ex-boyfriend sucks!

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