IKEA lists its own version of Euro 2020 Cup on its website

IKEA lists its own version of Euro 2020 Cup on its website

Tapping into the near euphoric culture of England's historic victory against Denmark and finally making it through to a major tournament final, Hope&Glory PR and IKEA UK engaged in a bit of good old fashioned newsjacking.

IKEA unveiled a new cup listed in the crockery section of the Swedish retailer's website and aptly named "KØMMÖNENGLAND".

Announced on the IKEA social channels, and immediately raising a smile and picking up engagement across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the image of the cup valued as 'priceless' features the tagline of It's coming home'.

The IKEA social media manager also had a load of fun posting the image with the tweet "One cup. Soon to be available in Wembley. #itscominghome"

Showing its support for the national team England after 55 years of hurt, IKEA UK has listed its own version of the UEFA Euro 2020 cup on the mugs and cups section of the IKEA website.

Don Ferguson, board director at Hope&Glory, said: "IKEA is one of the rare and special brands that have bonafide cult status and mass appeal among a huge number of people all over the world. With a rich heritage of 'IKEA memes' at our fingertips and licence from the brand to find new and interesting ways to engage with culture, it's a no brainer that we had to take control of the conversation and support England as they head toward what could be a momentous win.

The beauty of IKEA is that they span so many different elements of people's lives that there is a nearly endless well of stuff to play with. Not just from a product perspective, but the iconic signage, Swedish product names, visual cues and that idiosyncratic rye Swedish sense of humour that is at the core of the brand. However, the trick with this stuff is always speed. Getting the idea pitched, signed off, worked up and out the door in a few hours flat, involving team effort, strong client relationships, and trust.

Has been fun this one and great to be able to raise a smile. Although, on a personal level, as a proud Scot, I should probably keep my head down for a while."

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