Impactful campaigns needn’t reinvent the wheel

Impactful campaigns needn’t reinvent the wheel

A campaign by Ukraine charity Vsimdim to raise funding for the war effort forgoes technology or gimmicks, yet sends a powerful message to everyday people.

Titled ‘The Bombed Tarp’, the work is a student campaign created for the brand Vsimdim by ad schools Miami Ad School Buenos Aires, Miami Ad School Europe, and Miller O'Connor.

The campaign aims to induce empathy in audiences in Barcelona and Madrid where buildings under renovation have been draped with tarps depicting the structures as if they had been destroyed by missile attacks.

The stark visuals aim to evoke a sense of solidarity and encourage donations to help Ukrainians rebuild their homes and lives.

Over a million people in Ukraine have lost their homes and urgently need support. While they rely heavily on donations, particularly from Europeans, many younger Europeans may not feel compelled to contribute as they haven't witnessed such devastation firsthand.

Our take

The key to evoking empathy in marketing lies in prompting the audience to put themselves in someone else’s shoes to create a meaningful connection. 

High tech campaigns such as The Syria Campaign’s "Welcome to Aleppo" employed VR to bring people closer to the experience of inhabiting a war zone.

Meanwhile, the #TakeoverForSyria hashtag was designed to persuade influential social media personalities to temporarily hand over their accounts to people from war-torn regions, allowing them to share their stories and experiences directly with a broader audience.

Elsewhere installations such as Ai Weiwei art piece took advantage of captive audiences on a grand scale to highlight the plight of refugees from war-torn countries.

While these are all powerful calls to action, we love the directness of Vsimdim’s effort.

No VR goggles or trips to an art gallery are required, and the meaning of the imagery is immediate: putting the harsh reality of war into the familiar everyday physical spaces that the viewer only inhabits through a stroke of luck.


Advertising Agency: Miller O'Connor
School: Miami Ad School Europe
School: Miami Ad School Buenos Aires
Art Director: Sofía Verona
Copywriter: Polina Rudenko
Designer: Júlia Pérez Anglada

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