'Make it Merch' helps fans support their team without breaking the bank

'Make it Merch' helps fans support their team without breaking the bank

Cirkle's Chris Grabowski shows his support for this campaign that helps Canadian hockey fans customise sports kit at a fraction of the usual cost.

Sport truly shines when it becomes accessible, drawing in more participants, attracting wider attention, greater hype, swelling crowds, and igniting more conversations. Anything that encourages participation is a positive step, making it more inclusive. After all, having an interest in sports is seldom a negative thing.

Directly opposed to this trend appears to be the practice among teams and sportswear manufacturers of exploiting fans' loyalty by charging exorbitant prices for replica kits and merchandise. For example, the controversial new Nike England shirt will set you back £125, for just the shirt; the baby/toddler kit is £50.

To counter this, a Canadian bank launched Make it Merch, to help hockey fans support their team, without breaking the bank.

Scotiabank is providing National Hockey League (NHL) sown / iron on team patches which feature team emblems, player names and numbers, enabling fans to customise their own clothes. This means anyone can support their team, and do it in their own unique way, and without having to pay huge amounts on ‘official’ replica team kits.

Make it Merch ‘At-Home Kits’ featuring stickers and patches are available for fans to pick up from Scotiabank stores, in cities of the four teams headed to this year’s Playoffs. With personalisation stations popping up at official Tailgate events ahead of each Playoff, where Scotiabank reps will be helping fans to turn any item, from shirts, hats, socks to undies, into team supporting merch.

The campaign is part of a wider one by the bank to help to inclusivity in hockey in Canada and is a refreshing change to the endless cashing in on fans seen in many sports. 

It also provides a unique opportunity for fans to not only show their loyalty for their team but express themselves and their tastes. Not everyone wants to wear the polyester shirt as everyone else, and surely nobody wants to play £125+ for the pleasure.

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