'Creativity Matters' Podcast: Gabriela Lungu, Executive Creative Director at Wings Leadership Lab

‘Creativity Matters’

GUEST: Gabriela Lungu




Gabriela is one of the few people to have successfully worked as a creative in an advertising firm and a PR firm, so she’s got an interesting perspective on the challenges of a creative role in both.

Gabriela founded her own creative shop in Bucharest called The PRactice, which Publicis Group bought in 2013. She then went on to have senior creative roles for Weber Shandwick and TBWA in London before setting up her own creative consultancy, WINGS, in 2017.


  • Gabriela talks about the differences between creative roles within advertising and PR agencies
  • Why the role of a creative director in PR is often as a creative facilitator
  • Why PR's greatest creative strength - that everyone in the agency is responsible for ideas - can also be its greatest creative weakness
  • Why, in advertising, the creative director is solely responsible for the creative process
  • Why creativity must be seen as a discipline for it to thrive
  • Why Gabriela left PR to move into advertising
  • Why it is hard being a creative director in public relations firms
  • How Gabriela became a creative director
  • Gabriela defines some of the themes that re-occur in creative campaigns
  • How some campaigns are able to bring the brand promise to life
  • Why brainstorms don't produce good creative ideas
  • How to change the structure of your brainstorms so they reach their full potential
  • Why advertising firms are having a tough time currently
  • What advertising firms could learn from PR firms
  • Why the the best ad creatives will never want to work in PR
  • Why Gabriela created Wings Creative

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