'Creativity Matters' Podcast: Nik Govier, Founder and CEO at Blurred

This week I was thrilled to catch up with Nik Govier, Founder and CEO at Blurred on the Creative Moment Podcast in the latest of our ‘Creativity Matters’ shows.

Nik was previously joint founder at Unity before setting up Blurred in October last year.

Here’s a summary of what we discussed:

[00:00:50] The link between purpose and creativity.

[00:01:25] Why you need creativity in order to create cut through.

[00:02:04] Whether brands need to have creativity at the heart of their purpose.

[00:04:39] How Nik believes purpose is not just a marketing fad - it is fundamental to the future of our planet.

[00:05:45] Why research shows that purpose is becoming more important as a purchasing criteria.

[00:10:12] Why Nik believes that B2B and corporate audiences are often subject to "second rate creativity."

[00:13:38] Why Nik believes context isn't relevant to creativity.

[00:16:04] How the executive creative director role is changing.

[00:19:46] Why Blurred splits its creative teams by having both creative specialist consultants and real world experts.

[00:22:59 ] How different types of agencies are approaching creativity.

[00:26:44] Whether brands are frequently putting outlandish creativite output ahead of creative strategy.

[00:28:50] Is the fast paced nature of communications impacting the quality of creative work.

[00:29:38] Why you need to be able to access different types of creatives depending on the channel and type of content.

[00:35:26] Why there is always a jigsaw on the go in the Blurred offices.

[00:37:54] Nik tells us how she thinks history will judge this era of creative thinking.

[00:38:22] Why great creativity is born often from extreme pressure and discomfort.