Creative Corner: This week Rich Leigh champions Taylor Herring's Nag's Head and Hope&Glory's Humankind

Creative Corner: This week Rich Leigh champions Taylor Herring's Nag's Head and Hope&Glory's Humankind

Hi to all you creative people.

I have, in all my years in PR (nearing 14!), written and tweeted far more than is probably healthy about other peoples’ creative output. I’d like to think I’ve been a bit of an industry cheerleader - and not unselfishly. Celebrating the great work done in and around creative marketing inspires me and the work we do at Radioactive PR, and I have heard from countless people over the years that they feel the same way.

SO, with that in mind, I’ve agreed to pen a weekly column looking at the best creative campaigns for Creative Moment. You’ll see everything from real-world creative examples like those chosen today to digital campaigns. These slides for a talk I recently gave layout how I believe we should be defining creative stunts and campaigns in 2021.

I tweeted this week to ask people to share their favourite efforts for inclusion - we’ll always credit both the person that shares AND the team(s) behind campaigns, and don’t mind people blowing their own trumpet either. If you’ve worked on something you’re proud of and think should be held up, we want to know about it!

Lovely jubbly

Combining nostalgia with brilliant creative execution, Taylor Herring has produced this top effort this week.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first episode of the much-loved sitcom Only Fools and Horses, UKTV’s channel Gold opened a faithful pop-up reconstruction of the Nags Head pub, down to the ashtrays, wallpaper and posters, and even listing fictional landlord Mike Fisher as the licensee.

It’s in Farringdon, London - punters will find the Trotter's 1972 Reliant Rebel Supervan III parked outside! - and is charging 1980s prices, with pints costing just 83p and Delboy’s favourite drinks available.

Open for just three days from Thursday 2nd to Saturday 4th September, those hoping to visit can find out more and book a table, for free, for up to four people for 45 minutes on the UKTV Gold site.

Gold will be showing the first episode at 8.30pm on Wednesday 8th September - the same date and time that it first aired back in 1981.

It’s picked up a load of coverage, and feels incredibly well thought-out, as you’d expect from the cunning stuntsters over at TH.

Special mention

We also spotted Hope & Glory's campaign this week, promoting Sega’s new video game Humankind.

I’m a sucker for video game PR (one of the first stunts I recall seeing and loving was this body part treasure hunt for Resident Evil), and this is a nice addition to the genre.

Twelve of the most significant moments from modern history, chosen by the British public, have been included in this modern cave art exhibit, building on the game’s historic theme.

At Buckinghamshire’s Hellfire Caves, landmark moments from the 20th century have been painted for posterity by illustrator Emmy Smith, including Covid-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, Live Aid and Maradona’s Hand of God.

I’d not heard of Humankind until seeing this, and it’s made me have a gander, so it’s almost like PR works or something. WHO KNEW.


One last call for the #SummerPRty we’ve organised in London next week, on Thursday 9th September. It’s a free bar party, kindly supported by sponsors Opinium, Coverage Book, Answer the Public and The PR Cavalry, and all are very welcome! Get your tickets here - it’s agenda-less (beyond being a reason to get together again after, well, everything) and all for charity too, raising money for the brilliant Arts Emergency.

Email Rich Leigh on or tweet him @RichLeighPR with your work and/or suggestions to be considered for inclusion next week!

Rich Leigh is the founder of Radioactive PR.

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