These boots aren't made for walking: Vibrant and pithy ads from 10 Days London for black cab firm Gett

These boots aren't made for walking: Vibrant and pithy ads from 10 Days London for black cab firm Gett

Black cab firm Gett teamed up with creative agency 10 Days to unveil its inaugural out-of-home campaign.

The campaign aims to underscore Gett’s distinctive presence in London's renowned black cab domain by forging an emotional bond with its specialised demographic. Focused on reliability, convenience, and the unique black cab encounter, the creative endeavours to deliver a series of captivating, lucid, and memorable visuals embodying the brand's core messages.

Spanning stations and roadside locales in pivotal boroughs across the city, the campaign is to run for a month, running in more than 95 prime high-traffic zones in London. It will also extend its reach to social media platforms.

Jolyon White, co-founder of 10 Days, said: "The key was simplicity, showcasing iconic black cabs in their full splendour, coupled with a punchy headline emphasising benefits. Gett grasped this concept and entrusted us throughout the process.”

Our take

Before you’ve even viewed Gett’s campaign, the unavoidable question arises: why should I order a Gett and not an Uber? 10 Days' creatives have clearly pre-empted this elephant in the room, wisely opting for pithy, succinct messaging with each caption designed to champion a genuinely useful USP of the brand.

The creative also makes a hero of the black cab, which, as well as being iconic, boasts a nifty turning circle, ample space, a utilitarian interior suitable for all footwear, bus lane access, and room for prams. All pretty practical considerations, all things considered.

Design nerds might also pat themselves on the back for noticing the use of orange—a colour associated with boosting sales and gaining trust. Orange is effective for a 'call to action' because it attracts attention and gives a friendly optimistic feeling at the same time.

Image credits: Gett/10Days London

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