Top of the Pops: Best music picks from ads of the summer

Top of the Pops: Best music picks from ads of the summer

DLMDD’s music supervision team reveals its favourite tunes from the ads over the past few months.

Thank you to Lizz Harman, Greg Moore and Jeremy Newton for sharing the work that caught their eye.

Yorkshire Tea – Pack Yer Bags

Creative Agency: Lucky Generals
Creative Directors:
Nick Bird, Lee Smith
Production Company:
Fred Rowson

Move over Padam Padam, the new hit of the summer has arrived!! It seems Queen Kylie has been usurped by none other than…Yorkshire Tea??

According to a recent study, reported on by the Daily Mail (meaning it could be entirely fabricated), teabags are the no.1 essential suitcase item for UK holidaymakers, with 43% of Brits seemingly unable to go 7-10 days without their prized brew. I must be in the 57% - no room for teabags when you’ve got a whole wardrobe to pack in under 23kgs unfortunately.

As an aside, a huge shoutout to number 7 on the ‘essential items’ list which is tinned beans… I know that’s right.

With the above stats in mind, it seems fitting that Yorkshire Tea, and its long-standing creative agency Lucky Generals, are set to create a song all about the trend of people taking Yorkshire Tea on holiday to ensure they get a proper brew abroad. The destination of choice for this campaign? Ibiza. And what would Ibiza be without its signature summer floor-fillers? I can only assume that ‘Pack Yer Bags’ will be heard blasting through the sound systems of Pacha, Amnesia and Hï, in the months to come.

Written by Lucky Generals and composed and produced by lau.ra, in partnership with legendary UK label, Ninja Tune, the 2 minutes 36-second track “Pack Yer Bags” is full of tea-themed lyrical gems including “Don’t wanna be a cheeky numpty on me ‘oliday can’t get a decent cuppa tea", “Tequila shot. Sambuca shot. Rather have a Yorkshire Tea in a teapot," and the iconic "Let's get lightly caffeinated!" Although my favourite part was the shoutout to Lorraine Kelly for absolutely no reason.

Carly Murphy from Yorkshire Tea says, "Our latest tea song is a celebration of tea, the passion, and the lengths that people go to for a decent brew, wherever they might be."

We love to see Yorkshire Tea collecting its second crown (the first of course being the best tea on planet E).

Get in the Uber babes, we’re off to Nikki Beach!

Sky Sports – The greatest show on earth

Creative Agency: Sky Creative
Creative Director:
Rob Welch
Production Company:
Rattling Stick
Daniel Kleinman

Roy Keane (albeit briefly) and Benny Goodman are two people I would not have ever thought would share the same sentence but thanks to this grandiose visual feast from Sky Sports it has enabled me to do so!

Idris does a fab job as the circus master orchestrating the whole spot and the choice of music 'Sing, Sing, Sing' sets the tone perfectly for the cavalcade of sporting A-listers in their roles as circus alter egos to create a swashbuckling and magical tale that can't help get those with a sporting disposition a little excited at the very least!

Daniel Kllienman strikes again!

Channel 4 – Idents

Creative Agency: 4Creative
Lynsay Atkin
Production Company:
Art Practice
Saman Aminzadeh, Optical Arts, Bafic, Mike Battcock, Will Dohrn, Daniel Eatock, Mike Skrgatic, James Allen, Verity May Lane, Maria Lax, The Line, Louis McCourt, Justyna Obasi, Elliott Power, The Romantix, Dan Tobin Smith, Daniel Wolfe

The 4Creative team had a mountain of creative heritage to live up to here and they’ve absolutely smashed it.

Back in 1982, Channel 4 launched with a remit to champion unheard voices, to inspire change and to stand up for diversity; and this new series of idents, crafted through the lens of 17 different artists and filmmakers, beautifully showcases these values, creating an ever-changing tapestry of modern British life.

I love its launch film featuring the voice and words of writer and 'LAW' Magazine founder, John Joseph Holt. You can also check out its behind-the-scenes film here.

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