Work Of The Week: The impact of declining birth rates on the human race

Work Of The Week: The impact of declining birth rates on the human race

This is interesting.

A short film based on a really interesting insight, presented with a thought-provoking concept, a curious interpretation and, undoubtedly, an intriguing outcome.

Apparently, birth rates in Italy have been steadily declining and are now at a worryingly low point which was the trigger for this film from the independent creative agency DUDE

I liked this piece of work for asking questions and prompting me to ask them too. It really does make you think, what if?

It's all about the last baby to be born in Italy—ever. 

The story goes that Italy’s birth rate has declined every year since 2008 and in 2022 it fell below the 400,000 threshold: a drop of over 25% when compared with births in 2011 (546,607). 

As the third oldest country in the world, this is the lowest recorded birth rate since unification in 1861.

If this were to continue - without addressing the cultural, social and economic issues partly responsible for it - the result would be no more babies. And consequently, if it wasn't already clear, the end of humanity. Well, in Italy anyway.

There's not much that makes me stop still for almost 8 minutes, but I was so intrigued.

It was well cast, scripted and produced with the ridiculous reality that must be present in any mockumentary worth its salt.

It was clever to extrapolate the impending crisis to an actual end point in this way, making it relevant and a much better way of making those in a position to change it, listen.

It made me think and I really like that.

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