Work Of The Week: 'The Glitch' characterises the brutal reality of those suffering with Alzheimer's

Work Of The Week: 'The Glitch' characterises the brutal reality of those suffering with Alzheimer's

Real life glitches.

This much-talked-about film is worth every bit of praise.

Created in the first person to amplify how it feels to suffer from Alzheimer's, this powerful interpretation of life with this disease takes the viewer on a journey. It illustrates, with dazzling attention to detail, the challenges faced by not only those with the disease but their family members too.

Designed to appeal to the younger generation using an effective, immersive 'glitch' technique, we witness a challenging Day In The Life of a woman and her husband trying to deal with what this disease brings. Based on the insight that Alzheimer's is literally a glitch in the patient’s brain, the film uses a Datamosh glitched effect to model the confusion and frustration.

Confused. Frustrated. Overwhelmed.

This work is a creative interpretation of what it is like to live with Alzheimer's and BBDO Group Germany, production company Caviar and Alzheimer Forschung Initiative (AFI) have done it with sensitivity and purpose.

I've written about campaigns around this topic before, about the devastating affect this condition can have on an individual and others' lives. To convey the confusion, irritability, and loss of self is, sadly, paramount. 

Following the story of a woman trying to buy some food from the shop, we experience what she is experiencing, making us not only see what this woman copes with, but feel it.

Crucially, we are also privy to the challenges that beset her husband too; the worry and concern, and the patience and compassion that is required to care for someone with the condition.

Cleverly and sensitively executed, this feels like a piece of creative work with longevity, translating the brutal reality of the disease. 

I love everything about this but more than anything, I appreciate its purity. It has a vulnerability that creates a deep sense of empathy, and with Alzheimer's and dementia affecting an estimated 50 million people worldwide, it is a disease we could all benefit from learning more about.

Documenting the daily struggle so directly, this creative interpretation does what all great work should do; make the audience feel.


Client: Alzheimer Forschung Initiative
Agency: BBDO Group Germany
Managing Director:
Kristoffer Heilemann
Chief Creative Officer:
Jonathan Deeb and Till Diestel
Executive Creative Director:
Rod Henriques
Creative Director:
Pedro Americo
Head Of Art:
Hugo Moura
Art Directors:
Marco Serra And Daniel Tolentino
Marcos Alves And Tobias Hecking
Head Of Production:
Kat Wyeth
Project Manager:
Lena Grube
Account Director:
Vera Vanselow
Production: Caviar
Executive Producer:
Eva Van Riet
Michiel Knops And Charles Kinoo
Production Assistant:
Nele Decraecker And Nathan Everaerts
Pedro Giomi
1st Ad:
Thuline De Brauwer
2nd Ad:
Joël Domingos
Director Of Photography:
Willem Jones
1st Ac:
Jesper Rey
2nd Ac:
Giel Dhaenens
Camera Operator:
Astrid Van Canneyt
Kristof Coulier
Teo Parma
Art Director:
Stan Maertens
Set Designer:
Camille Marlier and Marthe Hespel
Makeup Artist:
Winke Walschap
Location Manager:
Tom Geerits
Koen Merode
Louis Pons
Gauthier Danniau, Astrid Van Canneyt, Ilse Uitterlinden, Juls Sobron, Tim Myers, Richard Turner, Marion Tomkins
Post Production / VFX: Frames
Katia Renson
Rami D'aguiar
Jelle Robbeets
VFX Artist:
Robin De Praetere And Elke D’haese

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