An adventurous ad from Jeep celebrating its fearless fanbase

An adventurous ad from Jeep celebrating its fearless fanbase

Jeep and Publicis Middle East has dropped its latest campaign ‘We don’t make Jeep, you do.’

The campaign is centred around the Jeep community’s real-life experiences with Jeep vehicles, with posters, digital outdoor displays, social media reels, stories, soundbites, and even the main video advertisement all crafted from the raw, unfiltered, and authentic photos, videos and personal content from the drivers.

This latest campaign from Jeep centres on the passion and commitment that off-roaders have for their vehicles. The campaign is a mixture of user-generated content (UGC), Instagram reels full of dusty explorations, tales of conquered peaks, and feeds taken over by real drivers’ original visuals.

User stories feature celebrities, including Ciara, who regales us with a Jeep-related story featuring her father, who served in the military, as well as lesser-known Jeep aficionados.

The voiceover, which comes from the "Knight Rider" genre states: “We Don’t Make Jeep, You Do”, reminding viewers that Jeep is more than just a car to its drivers: “It’s an extension of your spirit, a partner in your adventures, and a testament to your unique story’.

The advert focuses on the people behind the cars, who customise their Jeeps (in one case with a giant Mickey Mouse face) with their unique personalities and stories.

An adventurous ad from Jeep celebrating its fearless fanbase

Our take

This flavour of bold brand mythologising, complete with an aspirational voiceover that wouldn’t feel out of place in the 1980s ‘Peak Empire America’, seems out of place in the modern day, but that’s precisely why it is effective.

Jeep’s campaign is at odds with the values underpinning modern car campaigns, which are typified by refinement, understatement, wry humour and non-showy sophistication, notably in offerings by Volvo, Jaguar and Honda.

Jeep, however, has never stood for any of these more European sensibilities. Its cars are rugged, no-nonsense and fun.

More than most car brands, Jeep has forged an organic and genuine passion from its users, so it makes sense to put them at the centre, and harness social media to showcase users’ individuality: a very American tradition that feels fitting in this case.

I still can’t justify buying one for my short commuter runs, mind you.


Chief Creative Officer: Rafael Augusto
Executive Creative Director: Tuki Ghiassi
Creative Director: Anton Marais
Associate Creative Director: Oussama Founi
Associate Creative Director: Per Kristian Morck
Senior Art Director: Vinicius Maldonado
Senior Copywriter: Pablo Tesio
Senior Art Director: Stefano Chiabrando
Senior Copywriter: Johan Granados
Art Director/Editor: Abdullah Samir
Art Director: Randy Balbon
Motion Designer: Louis Borniche
Senior Designer: Hamdan Muhsen
Editor: Yousef Azhari
Arabic Copywriter: Kamel Zeitouny
Producer: Yousra Elharouni
Business Lead: Jean Traboulsi
Business Director: Stuart Randall
Communication Manager: Alessandra Ziade
Project Manager: Karim El Kabre
Senior Manager – Content: Maryam Audi

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