Cars dream of vacation in Sid Lee's new spot for the launch of Ubisoft's Motorfest

Cars dream of vacation in Sid Lee's new spot for the launch of Ubisoft's Motorfest

For the release of The Crew Motorfest, the third iteration of The Crew game series, its global action-driving game franchise, Ubisoft turned to Sid Lee Paris to create a campaign that would catch the eye of gamers, car lovers and anyone missing the thrill of driving the world over.

Do you remember the feeling that overcomes you as you switch gears? The thrill of acceleration? The feel of the engine’s power going its maximum? Today, with more regulations than ever before and the rise of autonomous cars, the thrill of driving is at risk of gradually disappearing from our daily lives.

However, in The Crew Motorfest, you get to live the ultimate driving experience: explore freely the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, a new paradisiac playground marking the first time the franchise ventures beyond mainland North America; celebrate all of car culture with Playlists, exclusive prototypes; and enjoy an ever-changing program of activities within the festival. 

Sid Lee Paris presents “Life is Better at Motorfest”, an 80-second film that ironically illustrates what all cars dream of. The Crew Motorfest doesn’t just feature more than 600 vehicles, including hundreds of dream cars, it’s a game that brings to life the dream of any car - being able to drive without limits, never stuck in traffic, just enjoying the open road and vibrant sensations.

Opening onto three beautiful cars stuck in a traffic jam – a Lamborghini Huracàn Tecnica, a Porsche Taycan Turbo S and the latest Nissan Z – we see the itch to escape from their perspective. Motionless, they spot a billboard advertising the Motorfest, the festival giving its name to the game, and they suddenly start to dream.

Thus, in a universe of beautiful roads and where a waterfall becomes the perfect car wash, they picture themselves getting waxed under the sun before getting together around campfire.

Set to “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani featuring Akon, the live-action film was shot in Miami and edited using VFX to showcase the game’s vibrant colours and dreamy vibes.


Senior Vice-president, Sales and Marketing: Geoffroy Sardin

Vice-president, Executive publisher: Lionel Hiller  

Global Brand Director: Edouard D’Alnois  

Global Brand Manager: Charles Carrot 

Global Brand Manager: Lina Chaghouri 

Global Brand Manager: Thomas Soulé  

Global Brand Manager: Zoé McClay 

Global Brand Manager Assistant: Doriane Paux  

Global Brand Manager Assistant: Amélys Amghar  

Sid Lee

CEO: Johan Delpuech 

Executive Creative Director: Stéphane Soussan  

Copywriter: Ninon Peres 

Art Director: Geoffrey Poulain  

Editor/Motion designer: Yoann Plard  

Art director: Eric Boussenec  

Account Director: Margaux André  

Account Executive: Louisa Chaouche Teyara - 

Thomas Albert – Account Executive

Laetitia Neves - Head of production

Mirabelle Yehoussi – Production Assistant

Bruno Lee – Head of Strategy

Leah Daymon – Strategist

BIG Productions

Jean-Baptiste Saurel – Director

Kasia Staniaszek – Producer

Nicolas Avram – Production director

Augustin Claramunt – Director of photography

Natacha Dolard – Post-production director

Eric Jacquemin – Chief editor

Firm (image post-production)

Quentin Letout – Supervisor 

Arthur Paux – Calibrator

Olivier Zibret - Flame

Julien Barthelemy – After FX

 Omar Camara – Matte painting

Hugo Jaulin - Houdini

Bruno Leguern – 3D

Benoît Revilliod – 3D

Johan Luce-Antoinette – Post-producer

Benzene (sound post-production)

Loïc Canevet – Sound designer

Will Rosati – Sound designer

Mathias Villeroy – Sound designer

Heather MacFarlane – Sound producer

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