Comedian Eric Andre takes an axe to boring browsers in Waste Creative’s anarchic, horror-inspired campaign for Opera GX

Comedian Eric Andre takes an axe to boring browsers in Waste Creative’s anarchic, horror-inspired campaign for Opera GX

Boring browser behaviour.

Opera GX, a browser for gamers, has unveiled an anarchic new campaign starring actor and comedian Eric Andre, “Bury Boring”, developed in partnership with Waste Creative.

Opera GX asked Waste to create a disruptive, edgy, impactful campaign to boost brand awareness. The work aims to challenge mainstream gamers to stop using their default browser and download something better: the browser for gamers.

Waste landed on the creative concept of “Bury Boring” – a rallying cry to take on boring browsing behaviour and the other brands in the space.

The agency identified comedian and actor Eric Andre, best known as the creator, host, and co-writer of the surreal Adult Swim comedy series The Eric Andre Show, as the perfect talent to bring the idea to life and represent the brand’s irreverent tone of voice. Andre has a significant following on social media, with 2.7m followers on Instagram alone.

A surreal, chaos-infused, horror-inspired two-minute hero film, directed by Dan French, sees Andre confronting people using “boring” browsers, interrupting their boring browsing behaviour and throwing devices in his body bag.

In one vignette, an older woman is trying to load a website called Dating for the Dying. Andre rushes in with an axe, smashes the woman’s computer, stuffs it in his body bag, and screams, “You’re wasting time you don’t have!”

The spot features unscripted moments captured on set, reflecting Andre’s comedic talents and surreal sense of humour.

The campaign is running across social channels YouTube, Twitter and TikTok, supported by influencer activity.

Benny Bentham, creative director, Waste Creative, said: “The “Bury Boring” concept set out to take an axe to boring browsers with a fun, insistently memorable campaign that grabs the attention of mainstream gamers and shows Opera GX to be the antidote to boring browser behaviour.

He adds: “It was written especially for Eric Andre - he was our first and only choice - so putting his anarchic, chaotic and surreal personality front and centre gave him room to add his own special dose of comedy chaos to each scene. The final result was, as you might expect, anything but boring, and we’re very proud of the campaign as a whole.”


Creative agency: Waste Creative
Benny Bentham - Creative Director
Darren Wanklyn - Creative Lead
Jamie Wallace - Creative
Ell Jeffrey - Senior Designer
Jana Beck - Senior Strategist
Christian Perrins - Strategy Director
James Trimming - Head of Production
Ivan Sebastian - Lead Producer
Jon Hudson - Senior Project Manager
Lily De Meester - Account Manager
Annie Bell-Carfrae - Account Director
Opera GX
Maciek Wójcik - Product Marketing Director
Auryn Hiscock - Creative Lead

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