Creative Corner: Chattiest TV shows, Men Only Ford and Is the ‘dream job’ dead?

Creative Corner: Chattiest TV shows, Men Only Ford and Is the ‘dream job’ dead?

Hello! It’s Creative Corner time once more so let’s take a quick look at some of the campaigns catching our eye in recent days.

Chattiest TV shows

I love a data-led campaign and spend a disproportionate amount of time sourcing and cleaning up all manner of spreadsheets. This one for WordfinderX is definitely going in the bookmarks.

They’ve used subtitle data to work out the hardest-to-understand TV shows based on how many words are spoken per minute, then split the results out by genre too to make sure they’ve captured maximum interest.

It’s a campaign helped by the fact the number one show in the research is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so there’s added incentive for media pick-up thanks to the Rob McElhenny/Wrexham wave we’ve all been riding for the last couple of years. If only Ryan Reynolds did more TV work…

Men only Ford

Dropping in nicely in time for the interest around International Women’s Day, this is a classic example of its kind from Ford.

You absolutely know from the start that it can’t possibly be as it seems, but that doesn’t make the unravelling of the concept any less enjoyable.

The ‘Men’s Only’ edition of the Explorer SUV not only pokes fun at toxic masculinity, it does a great job celebrating women in the automotive sector too, without being niche.

Nice work Ford.

Is the ‘dream job’ dead?

This one has had us talking this week—research from Accor which suggests hardly any adults are in the job they wanted. It’s picked up loads of coverage and it feels like we’re in a bit of a sweet spot for surveys doing the business in general at the moment - there’s plenty of other examples picking up column inches lately.

But this is a timeless topic - aspiration and work and the (often) imbalance between the two is ripe pickings for creative campaigns, simple and more creative alike.

If you’re launching anything exciting over the next few weeks or spot a campaign online that you love please send it our way!

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Catch you next week.

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