Creative Director's Cut: Save the Sleeve campaign from Kleenex

Creative Director's Cut: Save the Sleeve campaign from Kleenex

We creative types love a good insight.

One of those really obvious ones, things that everyone does but you never notice. We get very excited.

Kleenex’s ‘Save the Sleeve’ is based on a good insight, a seemingly blindingly obvious one, but one I’ve never seen used in a comms campaign prior. The idea is that your sleeve is your tissue when you don’t have a tissue—well, certainly for kids anyway.

In terms of playout, the piece is nicely shot if a little unnecessarily sinister, I’m not sure where they are going with that.

It’s also kinda wonderfully, honestly, gross in a way that parents can absolutely relate to.

More significantly the platform of ‘Save the Sleeve’ feels like it has loads to offer. It has a certain ring to it—makes me visualise people in the streets with placards, and crowds of disgusted parents trying to educate their children on the benefits of using a tissue.

This is the first iteration I have seen of the campaign, and I’m assuming/hoping they are going to do a lot more with this idea. It feels very ownable and you could have a lot of fun with it, particularly from a PR / digi-social perspective.

Looking forward to seeing more of this Kleenex.

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