Currys join forces with Fortnite to tackle the e-waste crisis

Currys join forces with Fortnite to tackle the e-waste crisis

The well-known UK tech retailer introduces a gaming initiative to engage gamers in the e-waste crisis and inspire sustainable practices among Gen Z

Designed to raise awareness about the alarming rise of e-waste in the UK and encourage responsible recycling habits, the UK’s largest tech retailer, Currys, has launched an immersive gaming experience ‘Trash Tycoon’, created in Fortnite.

With the UK predicted to become the world’s largest contributor of e-waste by the end of the year, with over 60,000 tonnes generated every ‘fortnite’, Currys has partnered with avid gamer, DJ and radio host, Tyler West to educate the digital native Gen Z and highlight Currys’ commitment to help put an end to e-waste.

The campaign by MSL aims to leverage the immense popularity of Fortnite to engage over 18 million British players of the game, as ‘Trash Tycoon’ becomes Currys’ first foray into gaming. The game’s map serves as a visual representation of the staggering amount of unused and broken tech items hoarded in UK homes, challenging players to mine and recycle as much trash as possible for valuable in-game and real-world rewards.

Despite the rising tide of eco-consciousness, recent research conducted by Currys reveals that two-thirds of Gen Z individuals are more inclined to discard their tech trash rather than recycle it. Furthermore, three in four hoard unwanted tech in their homes, with a significant portion citing a lack of information or understanding about proper disposal methods.

Michael Dowell, executive creative director at MSL commented: “60k tonnes of e-waste produced a fortnite is crazy. This game was our chance to visualise that to the gaming audience. Engaging in the world of gaming with Trash Tycoon means we’re able to amplify Currys’ dedication to sustainability, whilst also inspiring a younger generation in a more authentic and exciting way. We hope to captivate audiences with this gamified experience whilst delivering a powerful message about the importance of responsible e-waste disposal.”

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