Domino’s ad targets audience mimicry

Domino’s ad targets audience mimicry

Domino’s has unveiled a campaign to promote its new £4 lunch menu, reimagining the classic high five as a “high four”. But will it catch on?

Partnering with VCCP, the pizza chain released two commercials titled “High 4-Wraps” and “High 4 Pizza,” directed by the award-winning Clay Weiner.

In the first spot, a group of friends proudly showcase their £4 lunch wraps, initiating a spirited “High 4” journey down a bustling high street. They engage with everyone from a cab driver to a passer-by on a canal boat, creating a lively, community-oriented vibe.

The second commercial mirrors this theme but focuses on the workplace, where colleagues exchange ‘high fours’ over their £4 pizzas, enlivening the office from the IT department to the executive suite. Both ads are accompanied by Domino’s recognisable “Domin-oh-hoo-hoo” sonic branding.

The campaign, runs across TV, BVOD, VOD, social media, radio, OOH, and digital platforms.

But do we give the ‘high four’ a high five?

Domino’s “High Four” offer is certainly a tempting one, with inflationary Britain demanding at least a £10 note for a meagre luncheon in today’s economy.

The advert joins a tradition of ads that create memorable, mimic-worthy gestures to shamelessly encourage audience engagement and brand recall. Although catchy, however, Domino’s may have failed to hit the highs of McDonald's "I'm Lovin' It", which featured a catchy jingle and dance that became a signature part of McDonald’s branding, widely replicated by customers.

Can you believe McDonald’s campaign was launched way back in 2003? The fact that I still catch myself humming it takes the jingle well out of ‘gimmick’ territory.

Speaking of gimmicks, Budweiser’s "Whassup?" surely captured the zeitgeist of the 2000s perfectly, with its heartfelt (if very quickly irritating) “Whassup?” greeting gesture. Looking back, whether you liked it or not, it was undeniably effective.

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